A New Baby At Koko Bear’s House

Mama and Papa Bear share their exciting news–there’s going to be a new baby bear. This delightful, illustrated story shares KoKo’s experiences during pregnancy, birth, and Mama’s homecoming…. even a bit of jealousy. Also contains helpful hints for parents on introducing the subject, handling a hospital stay as well as jealosy and sagging self-esteem. Ages… More A New Baby At Koko Bear’s House

A Pocket Full Of Kisses

Book Cover, A Pocket Full Of Kisses

This tender book provides parents with another tale of love and reassurance to share with their children. Chester Raccoon has a baby brother, and the baby brother is taking over his territory. When Chester sees his mother give his baby brother a Kissing Hand, his Kissing Hand, he is overcome with sadness, but Mrs. Raccoon… More A Pocket Full Of Kisses

Autism And Me: Sibling Stories

Book Cover, Autism And Me: Sibling Stories

“If you see a kid with autism on the street, don’t yell at her if she’s doing something wrong. She can’t help it. Autism is really challenging,” explains Christian, who tells about life with his sister, Mary Gwen, a beautiful girl who loves to swim. In these moving essays, Christian and many other kids tell… More Autism And Me: Sibling Stories

Autism in My Family: A Journal for Siblings of Children with Autism

The relationship between siblings can be tough, and the sibling dynamic can be further challenged when one child has autism. This interactive workbook is designed for siblings of children with autism. Introducing the experience of autism in simple language, children are encouraged to complete activities that identify differences and strengthen relationships. This book is focused… More Autism in My Family: A Journal for Siblings of Children with Autism

Baby Talk

Book Cover, Baby Talk

Joey has a new baby brother and he doesn’t understand him one bit. “WAAH!” the baby wails. Joey’s mother says that means he’s hungry, but Joey doesn’t want to try giving the baby his bottle. “WAAH! WAAH!” the baby cries. Joey’s sister says that means he needs a new diaper. Joey lets his sister handle… More Baby Talk

Bad Baby Brother

Book Cover, Bad Baby Brother

Tessa is ready to play with her brand-new baby brother, but Willy is no fun at all. He won’t look at her book or admire her toys. And Mom and Daddy never get mad at him even when he’s bad!  Ages 4-8

Being The Other One: Growing Up With a Brother or Sister Who Has Special Needs

Book Cover, Being The Other One: Growing Up With a Brother or Sister Who Has Special Needs

This book is based on the author’s own experience (as a sibling of a sister with cerebral palsy) and on extensive interviews she conducted with siblings of all ages. In clear and compassionate terms, Strohm explores the often secret feelings of siblings and offers valuable strategies for coping with the challenges they face. Being the Other… More Being The Other One: Growing Up With a Brother or Sister Who Has Special Needs

Ben, King Of The River

Book Cover, Ben, King Of The River

Chad can’t wait for the camping trip. He just hopes his brother, Ben, won’t ruin it. Ben was born with a developmental disability, and though he’s five, he doesn’t always act it. Ben doesn’t like new things, and sometimes his behavior is embarrassing. Chad loves Ben, but life with him can be frustrating. The camping… More Ben, King Of The River

Brothers And Sisters

Book Cover, Brothers And Sisters

Like most brothers and sisters, the siblings in this book play together, compete with each other, and help one another. In Brothers and Sisters, we meet a number of sibling groups in which at least one member has a physical disability. This book shows that having a sibling with a disability is not so different… More Brothers And Sisters

Evan Early

Book Cover, Evan Early

When Natalie’s little brother, Evan Earl, is born prematurely, he’s earns the nickname Evan Earl-y. No one can say for sure when Evan will come home from the hospital. To help her with this uncertainty, Natalie’s father gives her a calendar to keep track of the days. Each day that Natalie colors in is one… More Evan Early

Good Girl Gracie Growler

Mr and Mrs Growler are very proud parents. They love watching baby Tommy and the clever things he does. Tommy’s older sister Gracie feels very left out. Nobody seems to notice what she does any more. But someone has noticed after all, as Tommy proves with his first word. Ages 3 and up.

He’s My Brother

A young boy describes the school and home expereinces of his younger brother who has a learning disability. Ages 5 and up.

I’m a Big Sister

Told through the eyes of a new older sister, this simple story lays out all the good things about being an older sibling, and reminds new sisters that they are just as special as ever.

In Jesse’s Shoes

What parent hasn’t urged her son or daughter not to stare or tease a child who is “different” or disabled in some way? As Jesse’s sister struggle to understand her brother–and to deal with the kids who make fun of him–families everywhere will benefit from this sensitive yet realistic story about learning to understand and… More In Jesse’s Shoes


Elizabeth tells us a true story that begins heart breaking with a touch of humor. She opens up her heart in hopes of helping other people that have felt or feel the same way she did, invisible, to know they are not alone. Hoping that parents will recognize if they have a child feeling as… More Invisible

Just Because

My big sister Clemmie is my best friend. She can’t walk, talk, move around much, cook macaroni, pilot a plane, juggle or do algebra. I don’t know why she doesn’t do these things. Just because. A younger brother describes all the fun he has with the big sister he loves so much.. just because, in… More Just Because

Koala Lou

Book Cover, Koala Lou

When Koala Lou’s mother becomes so busy that she forgets to tell her firstborn how much she loves her, Koala Lou enters the Bush Olympics, intending to win an event and her mother’s love all at one time. Ages 5 and up.

Molly’s Rosebush

A gentle, honest story about Molly, whose mother suffers a miscarriage. In an introduction, Cohn talks to parents about how children are affected by such a loss, how it should be explained to them, what their reactions may be, and how to determine if professional help is needed. The subject matter is sensitively presented. Ages… More Molly’s Rosebush