Baby Talk

Book Cover, Baby Talk

Joey has a new baby brother and he doesn’t understand him one bit. “WAAH!” the baby wails. Joey’s mother says that means he’s hungry, but Joey doesn’t want to try giving the baby his bottle. “WAAH! WAAH!” the baby cries. Joey’s sister says that means he needs a new diaper. Joey lets his sister handle that. “WAAH! WAAH! WAAH!” Joey’s father explains the baby’s tired. Joey thinks his father should rock him to sleep. “Ada agoo.” says the baby one day. No one really knows what that means, so Joey decides to talk back. “Agoo ada!” Joey says, much to the baby’s delight. After that, they talk all the time. In a short, simple text and with beautifully expressive, full-color pictures, the growing relationship between Joey and his baby brother unfolds with great warmth and good humor. Perfect for sharing and reading aloud to the very young, Baby Talk speaks the special language of sibling love that will be understood by children and adults alike. Ages 3 and up.

© 1999 Hiatt, Fred
Audience: Children
Contributors: Graham, Mark, 1952- ill.
ISBN: 0689821468
Language: Eng