Pushkin Minds The Bundle

Book Cover, Pushkin Minds The Bundle

Of course Pushkin minds the bundle! A whole lot. But as his owners tell him, Pushkin is their “big boy,” and it’s his job to take care of little Pierre. When Kate and Michael decide to take the family on a vacation, Pierre gets everything he wants: the car windows closed, all the snacks he can eat, the best bed. What about Pushkin? All he gets is ordered around. But is it possible that Pushkin has more in common with Pierre than he thinks? In this charming sequel to Pushkin Meets the Bundle, Harriet M. Ziefert and Donald Saaf take an imaginative, refreshing look at sibling rivalry. Ages 4 and up.

© 2000 Ziefert, Harriet M.
Audience: Children
Contributors: Saaf, Donald, ill.
ISBN: 9780689832161
Language: Eng