Evan Early

Book Cover, Evan Early

When Natalie’s little brother, Evan Earl, is born prematurely, he’s earns the nickname Evan Earl-y. No one can say for sure when Evan will come home from the hospital. To help her with this uncertainty, Natalie’s father gives her a calendar to keep track of the days. Each day that Natalie colors in is one day closer to the day her new brother can come home. When Natalie visits Evan at the hospital, she is curious about the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU); she talks to the nurses and her Mom explains how the tubes and machines are helping Evan to breathe and eat. As the days go by and become “rainbow weeks” on Natalie’s coloring calendar, she gets lonely and a little scared; her parents spend most of their time with Evan in the NICU. She tries to be patient, but finally gets upset by their neglect. Her mom reassures her that they haven’t forgotten about her. Over time, Natalie learns that, although her brother might always need special help and lots of attention, she can teach Evan their family traditions, even while he’s in the hospital. Ages 3 and up.

© 2006 Wojahn, Rebecca Hogue
Audience: Children
Contributors: Ned Gannon (Illustrator)
ISBN: 1890627712
Language: Eng