Alex: The Fathering Of A Preemie

Book Cover, Alex: The Fathering Of A Preemie

When Alex was born prematurely in 1998, he weighed only 21 ounces. He spent only four days of the first tentative year of his life at home. The rest was spent in the hospital in one critical medical situation after another, with Stimpson and his wife battling hospital staff, fighting to keep the treatments and… More Alex: The Fathering Of A Preemie

Evan Early

Book Cover, Evan Early

When Natalie’s little brother, Evan Earl, is born prematurely, he’s earns the nickname Evan Earl-y. No one can say for sure when Evan will come home from the hospital. To help her with this uncertainty, Natalie’s father gives her a calendar to keep track of the days. Each day that Natalie colors in is one… More Evan Early

Good Luck, Tiny Chuck: A book for BIG brothers and sisters of very small babies

Four things are very important for premature babies: breathing, eating, keeping warm, and you. Getting a little brother or sister is a very special event. Using understandable language, “Good Luck, Tiny Chuck” explains step-by-step what happens when a little brother or sister needs some help getting started. See what happened to Chuck the chicken when… More Good Luck, Tiny Chuck: A book for BIG brothers and sisters of very small babies

Little Man: A Documentary By Nicole Conn

Nicholas is born 100 days early, weighing one pound, with little chance of survival. An honest portrayal of how a micro-preemie brings a family to its knees as their son struggles for life and they struggle to maintain their family in the midst of chaos. Available in DVD format.

My Baby Sister Is A Preemie

Book Cover, My Baby Sister Is A Preemie

It’s pretty scary to see a new sibling wrapped in a glass box instead of a soft blanket. In this gentle story about a baby who arrives too soon, Sarah can see that Mommy and Daddy are worried, and that tiny Amy is sick. But her parents help her to see that God is with… More My Baby Sister Is A Preemie

My Brother Is A Preemie

Having an infant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is full of a flurry of emotions overshadowed by anxiety. An admission to the NICU is not anticipated and therefore can be a very trying experience. Explaining the hospitalization of the baby to the other children in your home can be challenging. The baby’s siblings may… More My Brother Is A Preemie

NICU Journal: A Parent’s Journey

Parents of babies in the NICU will become more informed partners in care with this essential resource and beautiful keepsake. The spiral-bound journal provides educational content and a place for parents to record their baby’s progress. Parents are encouraged to track their baby’s condition week-to-week and to commemorate special moments along the way. Journaling prompts… More NICU Journal: A Parent’s Journey

No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear

Book Cover, No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear

With simple, straight forward language, Pankow describes the NICU experience as seen through the eyes of a new big brother. From his sibling’s premature birth through to the homecoming, the overwhelming sights and sounds of the NICU are translated into terms that any child can understand. Coming full circle, this book could also be useful… More No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear

Our Miracle Baby

Stacia learns as she gets older that she was no ordinary baby. She was born at 26 weeks, weighing 1lb, 6ozs with under-developed lungs, bleeding on the brain, and frequent seizures, everyone calls her “Our Miracle Baby”. One day after dinner, she inquires to her mom about a photo album. As Mom begins to explain… More Our Miracle Baby

Rosie and Tortoise

Book Cover, Rosie and Tortoise

Rosie can’t wait for her baby brother to be born. But when he does arrive, Bobby is the smallest, weakest little hare ever, and Rosie feels scared. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with him…until the day Dad tells her a special story that helps her understand that Bobby is “slow and steady.”… More Rosie and Tortoise

The Tiniest Warrior Of All

Book Cover, The Tiniest Warrior Of All

When a healthy baby is born, everyone is quick to share in the celebration. When something goes wrong however, it can be hard to find words. ‘The Tiniest Warrior of All’ charts the epic battle of a premature baby sent on a quest to find her true home. When her time-machine crashes, she is cared… More The Tiniest Warrior Of All

Waiting For Baby Joe

Book Cover, Waiting For Baby Joe

Text and photographs describe what happens when Missy’s brother Joe is born prematurely and needs special care in the hospital, disrupting family routines and causing Missy to feel confused and left out. Ages 4 and up.