The Tiniest Warrior Of All

Book Cover, The Tiniest Warrior Of All

When a healthy baby is born, everyone is quick to share in the celebration. When something goes wrong however, it can be hard to find words. ‘The Tiniest Warrior of All’ charts the epic battle of a premature baby sent on a quest to find her true home. When her time-machine crashes, she is cared for by a cast of wizards, sorcerers and bodyguards, all of whom help her to fulfill her destiny. This beautiful picture book is intended for the families of premature babies. It explains the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit environment in an honest yet gentle way. In the world of the Tiny Warrior, babies who sustain injuries during their battle are honored as champions. The children who don’t win their struggles are also commemorated for their bravery, thus providing a tool to help deal with bereavement.

© 2005 Maher, Nicola Jd
Audience: Children, Parent
ISBN: 9780973655414