My Brother is Different

A picture of the cover of My Brother is Different

This engaging book helps kids understand what it’s like to live with a sibling with differences. It opens a dialogue about acceptance and is written in a warm and engaging way.

Pushkin Minds The Bundle

Book Cover, Pushkin Minds The Bundle

Of course Pushkin minds the bundle! A whole lot. But as his owners tell him, Pushkin is their “big boy,” and it’s his job to take care of little Pierre. When Kate and Michael decide to take the family on a vacation, Pierre gets everything he wants: the car windows closed, all the snacks he can… More Pushkin Minds The Bundle

Rosie and Tortoise

Book Cover, Rosie and Tortoise

Rosie can’t wait for her baby brother to be born. But when he does arrive, Bobby is the smallest, weakest little hare ever, and Rosie feels scared. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with him…until the day Dad tells her a special story that helps her understand that Bobby is “slow and steady.”… More Rosie and Tortoise

Runaway Words

Book Cover, Runaway Words

There is nothing like the bond between siblings, especially when that relationship includes a disabled sibling. Addi doesn’t understand why her big brother Charlie can’t talk to her. When her mom tells her that Charlie lost his words, Addi, with some help from her younger brother, embarks on a mission to find them. She looks… More Runaway Words

Sibshops – Workshops For Siblings Of Children With Special Needs

The needs of siblings of children with special needs are often neglected because of the constant support and guidance parents must provide their children with special needs. This is an essential guidebook to organizing and running support groups for siblings of children and adults with special needs.

Sister: What Would I Do Without You?

The bond between sisters is tightly woven and, over time, it is impossible to imagine one without the other. In Sister: What Would I Do Without You? we celebrate all the ways our sisters have enriched and informed our lives. Filled with words of reminiscence and heartfelt thanks, the text is accompanied by charming, one-of-a-kind… More Sister: What Would I Do Without You?


Toby loves his big sister Clemmie. She always looks after him and he looks after her—no matter what. Toby knows his sister is very brave, but when she has to go to the hospital again, they both have to help each other face their fears. Together, they still find ways to have fun and make the hospital… More Sometimes

Sophie and the New Baby

Book Cover, Sophie and the New Baby

“Soon you’ll have a real live person to play with. We’re going to have a new baby.” Sophie likes this idea, but the baby takes so long to arrive that she sometimes forgets all about it. When her new brother is finally born, he’s quite a disappointment. He can’t play with Sophie, and he needs… More Sophie and the New Baby

Straight From The Siblings: Another Look At The Rainbow

Written by and for children who have a brother or sister with a life threatening illness. They wanted to write this book because they thought it would be helpful to other children who might have to face similar problems. Ages 7 and up.

The New Baby

For a firstborn child, the arrival of a baby brother or sister is almost sure to arouse mixed feelings. Along with all the excitement, suddenly someone else is sharing the attention and love that the firstborn used to have all along. “In his direct and understanding approach, Fred Rogers gets right to the heart of… More The New Baby

The Other Dog

Book Cover, The Other Dog

Touche L’Engle-Franklin is confused: Her mistress goes away for several days and then returns with another dog. But this dog doesn’t have a tail. She doesn’t have much hair. And she never has to go outside when it’s raining. What on earth could the family want with that inferior breed known as Baby? Based on… More The Other Dog

The Other Kid: A Draw It Out Guidebook For Kids Dealing With A Special Needs Sibling (El Otro Nino)

Within the home, the child with disabilities, whether from birth, serious illness or injury, is surrounded by a loving family who must also make accommodations in many aspects of daily life. Taking care of a special needs child has an emotional impact on the entire family. With the rise of autism and other development disabilities,… More The Other Kid: A Draw It Out Guidebook For Kids Dealing With A Special Needs Sibling (El Otro Nino)