Views From Our Shoes: Growing Up With A Brother Or Sister With Special Needs

In “Views From Our Shoes”, 45 siblings share their experiences as the brother or sister of someone with a disability. The children whose essays are featured here range from four to eighteen and are the siblings of youngsters with a variety of special needs, including autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, ADD, hydrocephalus, visual and hearing impairments, Down and Tourette syndromes. Their personal tales introduce young siblings to others like them, perhaps for the first time, and allow them to compare experiences. A glossary of disabilities provides easy-to-understand definitions of many of the conditions mentioned. Ages 9 and up.

© 1997 Meyer, Donald
Audience: Children
ISBN: 9780933149984
Language: Eng

“My Mommy and Daddy told me that Nicole was born very early and her brain got hurt.”