The Other Kid: A Draw It Out Guidebook For Kids Dealing With A Special Needs Sibling (El Otro Nino)

Within the home, the child with disabilities, whether from birth, serious illness or injury, is surrounded by a loving family who must also make accommodations in many aspects of daily life. Taking care of a special needs child has an emotional impact on the entire family. With the rise of autism and other development disabilities, many typically developing children have seriously ill or special needs siblings. These children often have to make due with a smaller share of their parent’s time, energy, or financial resources, and may experience troubling emotions such as jealousy, guilt, sadness, anger or embarrassment. There is, however, another side to being the brother or sister of a child with special needs: the opportunity to develop positive traits, such as empathy, tolerance, insight and loyalty. This workbook is a tool to help children express all their wonders and worries. The book allows the child to read, think, draw and discuss their feelings in a way that reassures them that their feelings are normal and acceptable. Available in English and in Spanish. Ages 5 and up.

© 2007 Lorraine Donlon
Audience: Children