My Sister’s Super Skills: Introducing Kid-Friendly Social and Emotional Skills

David is having a rough day…but his emotions are no match for his older sister Lily, who swoops in to save the day with some SUPER SKILLS! When Lily observes her brother feeling frustrated, sad, and irritable, she quickly shows him some useful tips and tricks to help him feel better. Lily cleverly connects each skill with a familiar animal and scenario that David (and readers) can easily practice. And though David might not be jumping up and down for joy at the start, he soon learns that an improved mood is just a few actions away! Will Lily’s super skills be enough to save the day?

In My Sister’s Super Skills, Licensed Professional Counselor Lauren Mosback introduces various empowering strategies that help manage emotions and promote positive social and emotional development, while highlighting the importance of an emotional growth-oriented mindset and healthy sibling relationships.

© 2020 Lauren Mosback
Audience: Children