Inspired Learning

Holistic Education Advocacy focuses on the whole child/teen/adult; Mind, Body and Spirit. Our Masters-level Certified Special Education Administrator is here to here to help you by attending IEP/504 meetings, reviewing evaluations and determining a holistic and loving course of action. We Offer A Paired Approach – Support for You as Parents or Adult Learners and Re-Training for You or Your Child/Teen: Holistic Education Advocacy – We attend K-12 meetings in area schools or for high school graduates, we offer Education Advocacy in College/Trade School or Post Secondary Training.

Special Education Advocacy and Consultant

Educational Advocacy. Lisa Sampson will provide Information on state and federal laws and entitlements.  Assistance with determination of eligibility for special education services. Representation at IEP Team meetings to ensure your child’s right to a Free and Appropriate Education. Intervention and negotiation with school districts regarding disputes.  Access to specific curriculum and teaching methods.  Assistance with Department Of Education Due process.  Coaching for Young Adults with Average Intelligence who lack the Executive Functioning skills necessary for success. Internship and training is available to those interested in educational advocacy.


Wishtree Consultants, LLC -IEP Coaching

Tracy Walbridge established Wish Tree Consultants because she envisions a world where children with disabilities are made to feel valued and each parent’s voice heard. She offers different services, focused on providing you with the information, tools, resources and support to participate in your child’s education. At Wish Tree Consultants, they recognize that each child is a unique human being and has unique and individual educational needs. They are dedicated to improving outcomes for children living with physical, emotional, behavioral, developmental delays and learning disabilities throughout New Hampshire ages 3-21. They exist to help navigate families to an understanding of their rights under federal and state law, empowering families so they can work in collaboration with their school district on behalf of their child.  All with the end goal of allowing all children to have meaningful opportunities to participate in equal academic, social and emotional learning.

Nakata Consulting

Nakata Consulting offers special education consultation services. Joe Carreiro believes in being a “team” with schools, educators, and other service providers. Partnerships are powerful. When parents, practitioners, researchers, and educators form partnerships within communities, it promotes personal choice, self-determination, and the social, educational, and economic welfare of all children (especially those with challenges) as they transition into adulthood.


♦ Guide parents through the IEP and special education process, from eligibility for services, to retaining services, or advocating for new services, as well as  changes to the delivery model.

♦ Work to help children develop their skills and capacity.

♦ Define and develop a plan to meet goals to maximize children’s academic and social potential.

♦ Secure the appropriate supports and services based on each individual child’s needs.

Suzanne Whitney Special Education Advocacy, LLC

A special education advocate helps parents of children with disabilities obtain the education and services to which their child is entitled. Suzanne works with parents to help them understand their child’s disability, prioritize concerns, obtain appropriate services, and locate resources. She can help develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), attend IEP meetings with parents, serve as a resource for information about the special education process, and advise parents on how to use the process efficiently to obtain an appropriate education for their child.

Special Education Advocate, Educational Consultant, Reading and Writing Tutor

Lori Ball, M.Ed is a Special Education Advocate, Educational Consultant, and Reading and Writing Tutor dedicated to meeting the needs of children and adults in Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts areas. As an educational consultant she will meet with parents to discuss concerns surrounding their child’s education. I review current Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 plans, initiate positive correspondence with school administration, and provide assistance in creating effective plans that will improve their child’s educational experience. As an educational advocate she will accompany parents to their child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) and 504 meetings.

PIC/Advocate for Families of Children with Disabilities

Sometimes parents need a greater level of assistance than can be provided over the phone or through a workshop to understanding their child’s IEP and make sure it addresses all their child’s educational needs. The Advocates for Families of Children with Disabilities (AFC) program can provide this assistance.

How does AFC work?

  1. AFC is a fee for service program, payable on the day of service
  2. Families meet one on one with a staff member at the PIC office in Concord
  3. AFC staff cannot attend IEP or 504 meeting with families

What can AFC do to assist parents?

♦ Provide assistance in obtaining appropriate services through and in-depth review of evaluations, IEPs and other records

♦ Provide guidance in identifying needs, strategies, options and resources

♦ Help in planning for upcoming IEP or 504 meetings

♦ Provide strategies on letter writing and other documentation strategies

♦ Provide strategies on how to effectively communicate with your child’s school

♦ Assist families at special education mediation sessions

Wolfe Education Advocates

Wolfe Education Advocates works with your child’s public school and you, to ensure your child’s education needs are being met. Whether you are starting the special education process for the first time, or are running into roadblocks as a veteran, Wolfe Education Advocates can help!

Services Wolfe Education Advocates provides:

• File review

• Evaluation(s)/reports/IEP reviews

• Meeting attendance

Melissa Wolfe, M.Ed., has worked on both sides of the IEP team, as a special education case manager, public school elementary teacher, and as a parent. As a case manager, she has conducted her own evaluations, written IEPs, and run meetings. As a mother of 4 children, including one on the autism spectrum, she has been through the special education process as a parent since 2010.

Student Matters, LLC Educational Advocacy Services

Student Matters, LLC provides educational advocacy services uniquely through Carolyn Blasko, working to get the education your child needs. Carol Blasko, a former educator is an educational advocate who has a reflective and analytical style, living with integrity and operating from a calculated stance of calm strength and confidence.

An advocate is not an attorney and does not provide legal services.