Nakata Consulting

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Nakata Consulting offers special education consultation services. Joe Carreiro believes in being a “team” with schools, educators, and other service providers. Partnerships are powerful. When parents, practitioners, researchers, and educators form partnerships within communities, it promotes personal choice, self-determination, and the social, educational, and economic welfare of all children (especially those with challenges) as they transition into adulthood.


♦ Guide parents through the IEP and special education process, from eligibility for services, to retaining services, or advocating for new services, as well as  changes to the delivery model.

♦ Work to help children develop their skills and capacity.

♦ Define and develop a plan to meet goals to maximize children’s academic and social potential.

♦ Secure the appropriate supports and services based on each individual child’s needs.

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Phone: (978) 317-7386