School Choice For NH

School Choice for NH is an advocacy organization for educational options in the Granite State. This link is to their Home Schooling page that nicely gives an overview of requirements for homeschooling.

Granite State Home Educators

Granite State Home Educators is an all-volunteer statewide grassroots organization created to support and empower parents who wish to actively direct their children’s education through homeschooling.They offer resources, events and support groups.

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Gear Up

Gear Up is a homeschooling enrichment community and co-operative in Warner, NH. We aim to inspire lifelong learning in a community that is supportive, safe and accepting where creativity and curiosity thrive. We plan to do that through providing opportunities for the Kearsarge area homeschooled children through an active mentorship program, workshops, clubs, community service and events in order to enrich the homeschool experience.

Please contact Elizabeth Labbe – 456-2050 or Debbie Harne – 456-2711 with any questions.

Relaxed Homeschoolers of New Hampshire

Relaxed Homeschoolers of NH is a social network of relaxed, eclectic homeschoolers living and learning in NH. Members might practice life learning or unschooling in some areas, follow interest-led unit studies in other areas, and loosely follow curriculum in yet others. Membership is inclusive and events are purely secular.

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National Association for Child Development

NACD provides neurodevelopmental evaluations and individualized programs for children and adults, updated on a quarterly basis. As a family-centered organization, NACD stresses parent training and parent implementation of the program. NACD is an eclectic organization, gathering and utilizing the newest strategies that yield success and incorporating them into programs custom-designed for each client. Support is provided to families through video reviews, e-mail and telephone sessions.

NH Department of Education – Home Schooling

Home Education is an alternative to attendance at a public or private school and is an individualized form of instruction in accordance with Chapter 279:2, laws of 1990. A parent is eligible under the Administrative Rules, Ed 315 to establish a home education program for a child between 6 and 18 years of age including an “educationally disabled child” as defined under RSA 186-C:2, I, provided that the definition of “educationally disabled child” as defined under RSA 186-C:2, I, for the purposes of Ed 315, shall be applicable only to children between 6 and 18 years of age. More information on their website.

Catholics United for Home Education (CUHE)

CUHE was founded in 1989 as a statewide Catholic home education support group. Membership is available to Catholic families who teach their children at home or are interested in home education. Meetings and activities are held throughout the year at various locations around the state. These have included field trips, picnics, hikes, sledding parties, camping, major feast day celebrations and retreats.

New Hampshire Homeschooling Resources

NH Homeschooling Resources website is dedicated to homeschooling, homeschoolers, and other parents, students, or caregivers interested in improving the quality of their education.