Let’s Talk About Being In A Wheelchair

Full color photos depict people of all ages using wheelchairs, some manual, some powered. Covers basic info of why some people use wheelchairs, as well as issues of access. Ages 4 and up.

Let’s Talk about It: Extraordinary Friends (Mr. Rogers)

How do you get to know someone in a wheelchair? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. In his characteristically wise and gentle way, Mister Rogers challenges the stereotypes that often plague children with special needs and celebrates six children who are extraordinary friends.

Like Me

Miguel wants a puppy, but not just any puppy. While the farmer tries to talk him out of choosing the puppy who has a limp, Miguel, who wears a leg brace, shows the farmer that being different or running more slowly isn’t a problem at all.

Llama On The Lam

Book Cover, Llama On The Lam

This is a fictional account of a true tale of a runaway llama that becomes the focus of a chase by the authorities assisted by five bright neighborhood youngsters. The chase and capture of the llama tightens the bond between three of the friends, one with Muscular Dystrophy. One of the threesome, a boy named Alex,… More Llama On The Lam

Mama Zooms

Book Cover, Mama Zooms

A small boy, with the aid of his energetic mother, her wheelchair “”zooming machine,”” and a bit of imagination, pretends that he is on a train, a spaceship, and more … right up until bedtime, when they just cuddle and he likes that part the best. Ages 4 and up.

Mighty Manny

This is a non-fiction children’s book showing the main issues that children with Neuromuscular Disorders (such as Muscular Dystrophy) face. Manny’s photographic journey shows that his limitations don’t limit him. Manny was born to Guatemalan birthparents, and adopted by his forever family, the author and her husband, as a baby. Manny is an inspiration to many because… More Mighty Manny

Milo and the Mustang

Follow the adventures of a very special boy named Milo and his new friend Caprice, a wild Mustang horse, as they discover a rare kind of freedom most only find in dreams. An inspiring, beautifully illustrated children’s picture book/early reader that raises the young readers awareness about wild Mustang horses and children with disabilities. Ages… More Milo and the Mustang

My Brand New Leg

My Brand New Leg is an excellent way of introducing children 9-12 to differently enabled individuals.  Wonderfully illustrated, the characters are introduced to a girl who has a prosthetic leg and can do everything her newfound friends can do.  While nameless and colorless, the main character gracefully shares her abilities with others and never once… More My Brand New Leg

My Buddy

Book Cover, My Buddy

A young boy with Muscular Dystrophy tells how he is teamed up with a dog trained to do things for him that he can’t do himself. This tale of an unusual friendship demonstrates the desire to be independent and treated like everyone else. Ages 4 and up.

My Chair

Book Cover, My Chair

On a sunny morning in the city, children gather in the park with their chairs. Tall chairs. Small chairs. Wiry chairs. Squashy chairs. Tires and boxes and sofas and swings, chairs with rockers and chairs with wheels. As the kids come together, they each say what they love about their chairs and show the places… More My Chair

My Dad the Superhero

This is a book about a dad that is an amputee and his son, Milo who thinks his dad’ prosthetic leg is magic and that his dad is a superhero. Join them at show and tell and learn more!  The story is meant to shed light on physical disabilities and educate children about prosthetics.

Never Sell Yourself Short

Book Cover, Never Sell Yourself Short

Fourteen-year-old Josh was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. He discusses some of the physical challenges, as well as his hopes. Also includes quotes from his friends, and challenges they face. Very positive story, full of photos. Ages 6-10.

Nick Joins In

Nick begins to go to a regular school in a regular classroom. This story tells of Nick’s fitting in and how he can be part of the kids lives and activities. Ages 6 and up.

Night Of The Lighted Freedom: A Firefly Fantasy

Book Cover, Night Of The Lighted Freedom: A Firefly Fantasy

Malcolm, who is 9, has Muscular Dystrophy. He, his friend Tyler, and his pesky little sister, have an adventure on the beach. In this imaginative story, he has to choose between being “King of the Fireflies” and being with his family.

No Fair To Tigers (No es justo para los tigres)

Book Cover, No Fair To Tigers (No es justo para los tigres)

Mandy’ s crusade to assure fair treatment of her stuffed tiger includes a message of insuring fair treatment for her as well when she cannot enter a store in her wheelchair. Written in English and Spanish. Ages 4 and up.