Muscular Dystrophy In Children: A Guide For Families

Book Cover, Muscular Dystrophy In Children: A Guide For Families

If you’ve ever asked, “Do the arms also weaken in Duchenne muscular dystrophy?” or “What toys are appropriate for the child with DMD?” or “Is any specific physical therapy or occupational therapy useful in the middle stages of Duchenne dystrophy?” Written in the calm, reassuring voice of a senior physician, the book reflects the wide-ranging experiences of the long-time MDA clinic co-director at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago. Siegel’s specialties are orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation, but his sincere interest in the well-being of his patients and their families and the quality of information they receive has led him to publish 12 books, including a volume of poetry. This volume combines information on some of the practical and technical matters of day-to-day life in families with muscular dystrophy, wheelchair seating, bracing and dietary concerns, for example, with solid advice on getting through it all.

© 1999 Irwin M. Siegel, Md
Audience: Parent, Professional
ISBN: 1888799331
Language: Eng

“It has been said that "incurable is not untreatable."”