A Boy Named Beau

A Boy Named Beau is a wonderfully illustrated children’s book about a child with a mild handicap. Beau, who wears a brace because of his cerebral palsy, discovers that he can do the same things as other kids: swim, dance, ride bikes, and even climb trees! Your kids will love this sweet and simple story.… More A Boy Named Beau

A Charm For Jo

Jo, a third grader with Muscular Dystrophy, is a little nervous about starting at a new school following a move to a new state. With the help of her teachers and classmates, Jo has a very successful day, and makes lots of new friends. Ages 3-5

A Little More Than Perfect – My Life With (and In Spite of) Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Heather’s inspiring true story of living with a disorder that touches every part of her life. The disease makes her bones incredibly fragile, and the slightest touch can sometimes cause a fracture. This led to numerous trips to the hospital, casts, and surgeries. Yet from an early age, Heather refused to let the disability stop… More A Little More Than Perfect – My Life With (and In Spite of) Osteogenesis Imperfecta

A Very Special Critter

Book Cover, A Very Special Critter

In this wise and funny picture-book adventure, a special student  joins Little Critter’s class at school. The new student uses a wheelchair, and  Little Critter is worried. Will his classmate be very different? Will the class  know how to act around him?  It’s an honest, realistic look at ways kids deal  successfully with the unknown… More A Very Special Critter

Alex Is My Friend

Book Cover, Alex Is My Friend

Even though Alex is a dwarf and sometimes has to use a wheelchair because of the operation he had on his back, his friend does not mind because they still have good times together. Ages 5 and up.

All Kinds Of Friends, Even Green!

Book Cover, All Kinds Of Friends, Even Green!

In school, Moses, and the rest of his class are given the assignment of choosing a friend to write about. As he wonders which person to choose, he thinks of his circle of friends and what they share together. Some friends are kids like Jimmy, who says funny things, and Manuel, who races with Moses on… More All Kinds Of Friends, Even Green!

Arnie And The New Kid

Book Cover, Arnie And The New Kid

Top cat Arnie teases Philip because he is confined to a wheelchair. Yet when Arnie falls down the school steps and breaks a leg, twists a wrist, and sprains a tail, he begins to see life from a different perspective. Ages 3 and up.

Best Friend On Wheels

In second grade, Mrs. Poole asks our narrator to show the new girl around school. Imagine the surprise when our narrator first meets Sarah. Sarah uses a wheelchair! For a moment, our narrator feels awkward. Then she sees a button Sarah wears. It says “Rockhound” on it. “Do you collect rocks?” Sarah says she does!… More Best Friend On Wheels

Blue Skies for Lupe

A simple, but gripping story based on the real-life adventures of a Mexican immigrant born with physical disabilities. Lupe’s mother, Mami, leaves for America to get the best care for her daughter. They cross the desert at night and arrive in California where their new life begins. Mami works as a farm laborer, and while… More Blue Skies for Lupe

Boots For A Bridesmaid

Book Cover, Boots For A Bridesmaid

Nicky isn’t thrilled about being a Bridesmaid! But she has hay fever and flowers will make her sneeze and she hates frilly dresses! Her Mom, who is in a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury, makes her a dress, a silk flower bouquet and finds red boots. Ages 7 and up.


Book Cover, Braced

The doctor delivers some terrible news: The sideways curve in Rachel’s spine has gotten worse, and she needs to wear a back brace 23 hours a day. The brace wraps her in hard plastic from shoulder blades to hips. It changes how her clothes fit, how she kicks a ball, and how everyone sees her… More Braced

Build It So They Can Play

Are tight budgets forcing you to do more with less? With “Build it so They Can Play” you can turn less expensive into more fun for your child or students. Grab your tool belt and start building a positive experience for all! A great resource for physical education teachers, caregivers, and play group and recreation leaders… More Build It So They Can Play

Chester … The Imperfect All-Star

Chester, a little angel, longs to play baseball in spite of the fact that one of his legs is much shorter than the other. Dedication, courage, self-confidence and the support of his mother enables him to triumph on the ball field. Ages 3 and up.

Daddy’s Story: An Introduction for Younger Children to Learn about a Parent’s Multiple Sclerosis

This book encourages parents with multiple sclerosis to begin the conversation about the diagnosis and ongoing implications of MS with young children. This 16-page book is geared for children ages three to seven. You can borrow from our library or download  – Daddy’s Story: An Introduction for Younger Children to Learn about a Parent’s Multiple… More Daddy’s Story: An Introduction for Younger Children to Learn about a Parent’s Multiple Sclerosis

Dancing Wheels

Author Patricia McMahon takes us backstage with the Dancing Wheels dance company and into the lives of two young dancers, Jenny, a “sit-down” dancer, and her partner Devin, a “stand-up” dancer. She also introduces readers to the woman who founded the company, Mary Verdi-Fletcher. Mary was born with spina bifida but always dreamed of becoming… More Dancing Wheels

Different is Awesome

Picture of different is awesome book cover

A little boy brings his older brother, born with one hand, for show-and-tell. The students ask him all sorts of questions about how he does things with one hand and realize that he can do anything they can do, he just does it differently. Along the way, they notice that we’re all different in one… More Different is Awesome