A Boy Named Beau

Book Cover, A Boy Named Beau

A Boy Named Beau is a wonderfully illustrated children’s book about a child with a mild handicap. Beau, who wears a brace because of his cerebral palsy, discovers that he can do the same things as other kids: swim, dance, ride bikes, and even climb trees! Your kids will love this sweet and simple story. Ages 4 and up.

© 2008 Shirley Lancaster
Audience: Children
Contributors: Marot, Clément, 1495?-1544.
ISBN: 0465086438
Language: Eng

“Precisely one-half a millenium ago - and I mean what I say when I say it's precise - on the twenty-third day of the next-to-last month of the year fourteen hundred fourscore-and-sixteen (a tip of my hat to the Gauls' counting scheme), in the humble French town of Cahors en Quercy, some sixty-odd miles to the north of Toulouse, was born a bright boy christened Clement Marot, the son of an auto-taught poet named Jean and a lady whose life's but a question mark: our focus thus shifts from his folks to their lad.”