A Boy Named Beau

A Boy Named Beau is a wonderfully illustrated children’s book about a child with a mild handicap. Beau, who wears a brace because of his cerebral palsy, discovers that he can do the same things as other kids: swim, dance, ride bikes, and even climb trees! Your kids will love this sweet and simple story.… More A Boy Named Beau

A Smile From Andy

A child with cerebral palsy is hindered in meeting new people by his shyness, until he discovers the special thing he can do to make people feel like talking to him.

Accidents Of Nature

Book Cover, Accidents Of Nature

Seventeen-year-old Jean has cerebral palsy and gets around in a wheelchair, but she’s always believed she’s just the same as everyone else. She goes to normal school and has normal friends. She’s never really known another disabled person before she arrives at Camp Courage. But there Jean meets Sara, who welcomes her to “Crip Camp”… More Accidents Of Nature

Andrew Can Ski: Even with C.P.

“Andrew Can Ski” is a true story boy overcoming adversity and finding something he is good at. Andrew has trouble walking because of his Cerebral Palsy. He found skiing at the age of seven and with great determination, learned how to ski. It’s about Andrew’s amazing journey from discovering skiing, needing to hold onto a… More Andrew Can Ski: Even with C.P.

Andy Finds A Turtle

Andy’s physical therapist calls him a turtle one day when he is feeling uncooperative, and thus begins a search to find a turtle, during which he becomes a small hero and learns something important about himself.

Andy Opens Wide

Andy, who is five and has cerebral palsy, has difficulty opening his mouth at mealtime, until his frustration leads to a discovery.

Ballerina Dreams

Book Cover, Ballerina Dreams

Once upon a time there were five little girls who shared a dream. They wanted to be ballerinas and dance on stage like their sisters and cousins and friends. But it would be hard for these girls to make their dream come true. They had cerebral palsy or other physical disabilities, which meant their muscles… More Ballerina Dreams

Be Quiet Marina!

Book Cover, Be Quiet Marina!

Meet Marina. She is a four-year-old who likes to dance, play with dolls, go on the see-saw, and dress up. She also screams and shouts and makes a lot of noise. Meet Moira. She is also a four-year-old who likes to do the same things that Marina likes to do. But she likes quiet and… More Be Quiet Marina!

Ceana Has CP

Ceana is a little girl with a big smile, who loves to chase her grandmother’s cats. Ceana’s story was written to help the author’s granddaughter understand her cerebral palsy. A fun story for children ages 3-7.

Cerebral Palsy: A Complete Guide For Caregiving

Book Cover, Cerebral Palsy: A Complete Guide For Caregiving

Written by a team of experts associated with the Cerebral Palsy Program at the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, this authoritative resource provides parents and families with vital information that can help them cope with uncertainty. Thoroughly updated and revised to incorporate the latest medical advances,  a comprehensive guide to cerebral palsy.

Certain Proof: A Question of Worth (DVD)

Certain Proof follows the lives of three children with cerebral palsy and their struggle with school in an emotional battle to prove their worth. Despite significant disabilities, Josh, Colin and Kay fight to prove they are able to learn and deserve to be taught. Facing relentless barriers to a meaningful education, their mothers try to… More Certain Proof: A Question of Worth (DVD)

Children With Cerebral Palsy: A Parents Guide (2nd Edition)

Essential reading for all parents who want to learn about cerebral palsy and how it will affect their child and family. Written by doctors, therapists, educators, and parents, this book offers the perfect balance of information and support.

Danny And The Merry-Go-Round

Danny, who has CP, is faced with another frustrating and boring day at the playground watching, instead of doing. He finds a new friend and enjoys a wonderful new expereince.

Don’t Stop The Music

An action-packed adventure showing how Joe and Jessica, two teens with cerebral palsy, become key elements in cracking an auto-theft ring. Ages 9-12

Howie Helps Himself

Book Cover, Howie Helps Himself

Though he enjoys life with his family and attends school, Howie, a child with cerebral palsy, wants more than anything else to be able to move his wheelchair by himself.