Dancing Wheels

Author Patricia McMahon takes us backstage with the Dancing Wheels dance company and into the lives of two young dancers, Jenny, a “sit-down” dancer, and her partner Devin, a “stand-up” dancer. She also introduces readers to the woman who founded the company, Mary Verdi-Fletcher. Mary was born with spina bifida but always dreamed of becoming a dancer. When she grew up, she not only fulfilled that dream, she made it possible for others to follow in her path. Photographer John Godt has captured the daily hard work and joyful moments in the studio as well as the incredible transformation of the dancers after months of preparation. Once they are onstage, a special, almost indescribable magic occurs. A dramatic choreography of wheels, arms, legs, color, costumes, lighting, music, and movement: the magic of Dancing Wheels.

© 2000 Mcmahon, Patricia
Audience: Adolescents/Teens, Children, Parent, Professional
Contributors: Godt, John, ill, John Godt (Photographer)
ISBN: 0395888891
Language: Eng

“"On stage, on stage now. Four minutes to curtain!" Barbara Verlezza, the rehearsal director, hurries through the backstage area of the theater on this autumn afternoon.”