Mental Health Services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Greater Nashua Mental Health Center offers a Deaf Service Team of deaf and hearing counselors and case managers who are fluent in American Sign Language and knowledgeable about challenges related to deafness and hearing loss. These counselors can assist with a wide variety of mental health challenges and work all over the state. They assist adults, elders, couples and families, deaf or hard of hearing (HH) children, hearing children of deaf/HH parents.


Clark School for Hearing and Speech

Clark school is located in Northampton, MA. Clarke is a listening and spoken language program, which means that they teach children to listen and speak, rather than use sign language. At Clarke, children use cochlear implants and hearing aids to maximize their access to sound, and specially trained teachers, audiologists and speech language pathologists help them develop listening, literacy and spoken language skills to maximize their learning. Their website has many interesting resources for families. They also run summer programs:

Summer Adventure – July 13 – 25, 2014

Clarke’s Summer Adventure is a two-week summer camp for children ages 9 – 14 who are deaf and hard of hearing. Held in Easthampton, Massachusetts, Summer Adventure offers campers the opportunity to interact with other children with hearing loss from all over the country, make new friends and have lots of fun! This program is designed for children with hearing loss who communicate using listening and spoken language. For more information, contact Martha A. deHahn, 413-587-7387 or

Explore the Outdoors – August 3 – 6, 2014 (Teens entering grades 9-12)

Explore the Outdoors is a special four-day program for teens with hearing loss entering grades 9-12. Participants will explore nature through camping, hiking, swimming and outdoor rock climbing in beautiful Western Massachusetts. This program is designed for teenagers with hearing loss who communicate using listening and spoken language and provides an excellent opportunity for teens in the mainstream to connect. Exploring will be led by experienced Teachers of the Deaf and young adult role models. For more information, contact Kaitlyn Millen at

101 Ideas for Families with Infants who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing


Offers resources for financial assistance in purchasing hearing aids and programs that include:

Hard of Hearing or Deaf Scholarship: The $1,000 Scholarship is for hard of hearing or deaf students that have clinically significant bilateral hearing loss. Graduating high school seniors or undergraduate students must be pursuing a four year degree.

Communicative Disorders Scholarship: The $1,000 Scholarship is for graduate students who have been accepted into a graduate level program in audiology or speech-language pathology at institutions in the United States.

International Hearing Dog, Inc.

International Hearing Dog, Inc. rescues dogs from local animal shelters, trains them to assist the hearing impaired then places them with recipients throughout the US free of charge.

Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.

Dogs for the Deaf strives to be known throughout North America for rescuing and training dogs to assist people with hearing loss, autism, and other challenges.

Auditory Consultant Resource Network

The Auditory Consultant Resource Network is a comprehensive on-site and distance support service that enhances educational programs for children who are deaf and hard of hearing by connecting classroom teachers, speech pathologists and audiologists with the hearing specialists at Boys Town National Research Hospital.

American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC)

American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) ASDC is a national organization of families and professionals committed to educating, empowering, and supporting parents and families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The ASDC helps families find meaningful communication options, particularly through the competent use of sign language, in their home, school, and community.