Ketogenic Diets: Treatments For Epilepsy And Other Disorders (Fifth Edition)

Sometimes referred to as a “miracle diet,” the ketogenic diet has helped doctors treat difficult-to-control epileptic seizures in thousands of children. Coauthored by four respected experts from Johns Hopkins, Ketogenic Diets continues to be the definitive guide for parents, physicians, and dieticians wanting to implement this strict diet. This Fifth Edition has been extensively updated… More Ketogenic Diets: Treatments For Epilepsy And Other Disorders (Fifth Edition)

Lee: The Rabbit With Epilepsy

Book Cover, Lee: The Rabbit With Epilepsy

This story follows Lee from her first seizure, to the doctor’s office, and then home with new medication to control her seizures. It’s a tale for young children with epilepsy. Ages 4 and up.

Lefty Carmichael Has A Fit

When fifteen-year-old Lefty Carmichael finds out he has epilepsy, his world is pretty much turned upside down. The idea of having a seizure at a totally unexpected moment is pretty scary at first, but Lefty comes to believe that he can handle it. What he’s not sure he can handle is the reaction of his… More Lefty Carmichael Has A Fit

Living With Epilepsy

Book Cover, Living With Epilepsy

A photographic presentation, with simple text, of what Epilepsy is, how it is managed. Very appropriate for elementary school aged children.

Medikidz Explain Epilepsy

Book Cover, Medikidz Explain Epilepsy

A comic book created to explain epilepsy to kids. The Medikidz are superheroes who live on MEDILAND, a planet shaped like the human body. They are experts in health and illness, and their mission is to teach you all about your body and how illness affects it. For kids 10 and up looking for a… More Medikidz Explain Epilepsy

Medikidz Explican La Epilepsia

Comic Book in Spanish. Vivimos en Medilandia un planeta con forma de cuerpo humano. Nuestra mision es ayudarte a entender la salud y las enfermedades. Todos somos especialistas en como trabaja el cuerpo humano. trabajamos en equipo para ensenarte todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el cuerpo humano y como le afectan las enfermedades. Medikidz… More Medikidz Explican La Epilepsia

My Not -So-Secret Seizures

This is a children’s coloring book (your welcome to copy pages for coloring) about Epilepsy. It’s a great way to help children understand Epilepsy and how friends can be supportive. It does a good job explaining how everyone has their differences in a way children would understand.

My Seizure Dog

My Seizure Dog, written and illustrated by 7-year-old Evan Moss, tells the sweet story of what Evan expects the relationship with his seizure dog to be like. In the simple language of a child, Evan takes the reader through the many ways having a service dog will change his life. He takes a serious topic,… More My Seizure Dog

Parents’ Guide: When The Seizures Don’t Stop… Why and What To Do Next

This booklet is written in question and answer format, answering many of the common questions parents often ask… About diagnosis, treatment, management, first aid. Provides sample questions to ask doctors, tips on keeping track of information. Also available for download –Parents’ Guide: When The Seizures Don’t Stop… Why and What To Do Next