Partial Seizure Disorders: Help For Patients And Families

Book Cover, Partial Seizure Disorders: Help For Patients And Families

The most well-known of these is epilepsy with grand mal seizures. However, forms of epilepsy that involve only part of the brain and do not involve convulsions are more common. Symptoms for these partial seizure disorders can vary widely: some patients have no physical signs at all, experiencing only mental or sensory changes during a seizure, while others may experience numbing, shaking, or automatic movements of one or more body parts. Although partial seizures usually do not look dramatic to other people, they can have serious consequences for patients who have them. If left untreated, seizure activity may become more severe, This book provides a thorough description of partial seizure disorders and getting an accurate diagnosis. Covers school issues, developmental issues, employment and driving.

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Audience: Parent, Professional
ISBN: 9780596500030
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