UpReach Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc

Upreach provides the following programs:

♦ THERAPEUTIC RIDING is a mounted equine-assisted program that enables participants to improve cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral abilities by learning equestrian riding skills.  Specific goals are identified for each participant and supported by a team of certified staff and trained volunteers.

♦ THERAPEUTIC DRIVING is an equine-assisted program that provides a carriage or cart alternative for those participants who are unable to ride due to weight, balance, fatigue, and/or the ability to sit astride. Specific goals are identified for each participant and supported by a team of certified staff and trained volunteers.

♦ HIPPOTHERAPY is a mounted therapy utilizing the movement of the horse and is implemented by a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, or Speech Language Therapist.  The participant receiving individual treatment is not learning riding skills, but is gaining improvements in muscle tone, strength, postural control, balance, and coordination from weight shifts and postural displacement that the horse’s gait creates.

♦ EQUINE-FACILITATED MENTAL HEALTH is an unmounted program with an experiential form of psychotherapy, using the natural sensitivity of horses to identify with and respond to emotional and physical changes in humans.

♦ EQUINE-ASSISTED LEARNING is an unmounted activity and does not involve riding. These activities include a variety of curriculum-based and workshop offerings, which provide an opportunity for participants to partner with horses to facilitate growth and learning.

♦ EQUINE COLLABORATIVE WITH MERRIMACK COUNTY (May through October) ECMC is a collaboration between UpReach Therapeutic Equestrian Center, and Merrimack County, NH to improve the lives of residents in Merrimack County by partnering with the power of the horse. Programs offered at this location are unmounted (no riding) and run from May through October. Each ECMC program is carefully crafted based on the needs of the Merrimack County residents and communities. Programs are led and facilitated by Equine Specialists in Mental Health and Learning certified through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.). For further information please contact Kristen McGraw, Unmounted Program Manager, kristen@upreachtec.org or (603) 497-2343

♦ RESILIENCE REINS is a 7-week program for children ages 8-17 and their families who have experienced a traumatic event. The program is co-facilitated by Sarah Jane Chaplin MS, LCMHC and PATH Intl. Certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL) and Kristen McGraw, PATH Intl. ESMHL, and EAGALA certified Equine Specialist. Youth work with horses from the ground (no riding). Curriculum focuses on three themes (communication, security, and identity). Facilitators administer pre and post tests using The Children’s Attribution and Perceptions Scale. While youth participate in Resilience Reins, they offer “Parent Café” to parents/guardians. The goal of the series is to give parents/guardians information on key protective factors and engage in meaningful conversations with others about parenting. At the end of each weekly program, all come together for a family style dinner. For more information or to refer a child, please contact Kristen McGraw at (603) 497-2343 or kristen@upreachtec.org.

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