Reach for the Top Therapy Services

Reach for the Top Outpatient Pediatric Rehab Clinic has a strong commitment to family-centered services and programs. Skilled and experienced team of providers includes professionals in OT, PT, SLP, Sensory Integration, Autism, and Family Support.

Programs include:

⋅ Rehab services for children of all ages and abilities
⋅ Sensory Integration Services
⋅ Infant / Toddler Therapy Services
⋅ Pediatric Occupational Therapy
⋅ Torticollis Program
⋅ Oral Motor / Feeding Services
⋅ Baby Steps Developmental Screening Program
⋅ Social Skills and Pragmatic Language Supports
⋅ Autism Family Supports
⋅ Hippotherapy
⋅ Orthotics and Equipment Clinics
⋅ Augmentative Communication Evals and Services
⋅ Therapeutic Listening
⋅ And much more!

Web: Web site
Phone: (603) 740-3534