ABA Helps

The mission at ABA Helps is to work with families, hand in hand, to improve the overall quality of life for individuals impacted by autism. They strive to deliver compassionate and quality care in natural environments. Their goal is to provide direct services in your home or community. These services include functional communication, discrete trial, natural environment learning, case supervision, parent training and/or support based on your child’s unique needs. They use principals based in Applied Behavior Analysis to:

♦ decrease challenging behaviors such as tantrums, property destruction, aggression, and self-stimulatory behaviors.

♦ teach children and adults how to attain the highest level of independence in their day-to-day lives (including, but not limited to, brushing teeth, washing hands, eating, toileting, sleep training, exercising, dressing and doing household chores).

♦ acquire age-appropriate adaptive skills in the home and in community settings (e.g. social skills, play skills, safety skills).

♦ communicate functionally and to make independent choices (e.g. communicate wants and needs clearly, make different choices).

They accept all major insurances locally and nationally: Blue Cross Blue Shield, NH Medicaid, Optum and Cigna

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Phone: 781-366-4210