Category: General Successful Transition to College & Work- Accommodations, Laws & Assistive Technology; Part 1 of 2

Successful Transition to College & Work- Accommodations, Laws & Assistive Technology; Part 1 of 2

December 15, 2022

Transitioning from High School to college and/ or the workplace is a significant time in a student's life, future planning, and educational career. This engaging webinar series will inform participants of processes, strategies, technology, and resources to help ensure that the transition is successful! Learn the difference between HS, post-secondary, and workplace laws & discuss individual rights. When to start, What to ask for & What documentation is required. Learn what accommodations are available in college and the workplace.
AT demonstrations of various devices, tools, apps, software, and adaptive equipment will be provided. Learn how to support Literacy, Math, Accessible documents and books (AEM), Note Taking for school or meetings, scheduling and reminders, task management, and Sensory & Physical support in college and the workplace. Support for various disabilities will be presented, including Cognitive, Dyslexia, LD, Executive Function, Blind, Low Vision, Physical, and Deaf/Hard of Hearing. We will discuss the importance of self-advocacy skills, communication with professors and instructors, meeting with counselors, confidentiality & questions, and paperwork involved.
Many individuals are not aware of the various accommodations provided in college or the workplace and how to access them. An abundance of resources and videos will also be shared for participants to utilize immediately. This information is incredibly helpful for high school students, adults with disabilities, educators & special educators, technology integrators, parents, transition coordinators, Vocational Rehabilitation counselors, school counselors/ advisors, administrators, and related therapists.


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