The Heart of A Bear: Bear Gets His Heart Checked

Book Cover, The Heart of A Bear: Bear Gets His Heart Checked

This is a charming and beautifully illustrated picture book designed to comfort children with heart conditions and assist parents in explaining what to expect during a heart examination.

A trip to the Cardiology office or hospital can be a scary time for children and their families. Also, children with heart conditions often feel as though their heart is “broken” which makes them feel different. This is a delightful story which explains several cardiac examinations and reassures everyone that hearts can be fixed and the ability to love can never be taken away.

Readers will follow Bear through a heart screening where he meets the following characters:

Muriel the Physician Assistant (PA) who takes his blood pressure (BP) and directs his care
Captain Eli who performs his Electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG)
Dr. Fish who performs his Echocardiogram (Echo)
Sidney the stethoscope who listens to his heart (auscultation) and also serves as his friend and his guide

This is a heart-warming and a unique resource for parents, families, and friends of children who have cardiac conditions or require cardiac evaluation for any reason. It can be read out loud or put in the hands of young readers ages 6-10. However, the characters and message are so beautiful that anyone may fall in love. It is a perfect gift from the heart and a percentage of all proceeds are donated to children’s charities.

© 2019 Renee M. Langstaff
Audience: Children, Parent
ISBN: 0998035084