The Book Of Boo: Raising A Wheelchair Winner

What do wheelchair racing, tractors, Dukes of Hazard, gardening, Hurricane Charley, and the Tampa Bay Lightning all have in common? A little boy named Joey (aka “The Boo”). And by the way, Joey was born with spina bifida. This book is a hopeful, inspiring look at spina bifida and how it effects one family and a very spectacular child. This book is for parents, friends and family of a child with spina bifida (or other disabilities) and medical professionals who want to better educate themselves about the parents’ point of view. This isn’t just about the medical aspects of a disability, but the mental and emotional aspects and how to raise the happiest, healthiest child possible. It’s also about overcoming disabilities in all areas of life.

© 2007 Richardson, Lesli
Audience: Parent, Professional