Another Way To Go (For Boys)

Timmy is excited about going to his first day of kindergarten, but notices during bathroom break that other boys don’t use a catheter. His mother explains it when he gets home, but most importantly, assures him that it is just another way to go. Ages 4 and up.

Another Way To Go (For Girls)

Becky is excited about going to her first day of kindergarten, but notices during bathroom break that other girls don’t use a catheter. Her mother explains it when she gets home, but most importantly, assures her that it is just another way to go. Ages 4 and up.

Dancing Wheels

Author Patricia McMahon takes us backstage with the Dancing Wheels dance company and into the lives of two young dancers, Jenny, a “sit-down” dancer, and her partner Devin, a “stand-up” dancer. She also introduces readers to the woman who founded the company, Mary Verdi-Fletcher. Mary was born with spina bifida but always dreamed of becoming… More Dancing Wheels

Featherless / Desplumado

Book Cover, Featherless / Desplumado

At his new school or on the soccer field, all everyone wants to know is why Tomasito is in a wheelchair. His father gives Tomasito a new pet to make him smile, but this bird is a little bit different. Can Tomasito’s featherless friend teach him that there’s more than one way to fly? Will… More Featherless / Desplumado

Living with Spina Bifida: A Guide for Families and Professionals

Book Cover, Living with Spina Bifida: A Guide for Families and Professionals

In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Adrian Sandler offers a wealth of useful information on the medical, developmental, and psychological aspects of this condition. Although this book is a bit dated, it includes information and encouragement for families that is still applicable. (Includes 2006 preface)

Patrick And Emma Lou

Book Cover, Patrick And Emma Lou

Despite his excitement over walking with a new walker, three-year-old Patrick finds it isn’t easy and becomes discouraged until his new friend, six-year-old Emma Lou who has spina bifida, helps him discover something important about himself. Ages 3 and up.

Right Under My Nose

Right Under My Nose was created to help parents and caregivers explain spina bifida to young children. The book is designed as three inter-related sections: a story, activity pages for children to complete and tips for parents and caregivers. Together, they enhance discussion of key challenges facing children with spina bifida. In the story, a… More Right Under My Nose

Sarah’s Potty Time

Sarah tells about her tools, those that help her walk, and those that help her in the bathroom, her “potty tools” – cathy (catheter) and emmy (enema), and how they help her to stay “all clean”. This book has bright colorful pictures, uses toys for illustration of using a catheter and cone enema. Ages 2 and… More Sarah’s Potty Time

Spinabilities: A Young Person’s Guide To Spina Bifida

If you’re a teen or young adult with spina bifida, you’ll want to read this book. Gives practical tips and suggestions for becoming independent, and managing your health care. Provides you with information you need to set goals and make them a reality. It is also recommended for parents, siblings, friends and teachers.

Super Sticks

What are some of the uses for forearm crutches? See how Deborah uses hers. Persistence and inspiration shines through in Deborah’s adventures with her friends. Even with a physical disability learn how Deborah helps her friends by using her forearm crutches. Ages 5 and up.

The Abilities in Me Spina Bifida

Explore the day in the life of a young girl, through bright, colorful illustrations and text. Perfect for teachers, parents and children alike, this book will bring awareness of the condition and teach children how to be supportive and be kind.  Aimed for children between the ages of 3-8 years. The character in the book… More The Abilities in Me Spina Bifida

Two Tracks In The Snow

Learning to ski is harder than Will imagined, but he finds help and new possibilities from nine year old Ari and the ski instructor. Ari, who has spina bifida and uses a monoski, has been skiing for years. With Ari’s help, six year old Will learns to manage the snowboard and they come down the… More Two Tracks In The Snow