Stretching Ourselves ; Kids With Cerebral Palsy

Book Cover, Stretching Ourselves ; Kids With Cerebral Palsy

A photographic essays about four children with different degrees of disability. Emily’s stiff muscles and tendons limit her movement, but she is determined to be as normal as she can be, even learning to skate and play basketball. She attends special classes in a regular school. Nic is wheelchair-bound and able to speak only a few words. He goes to a special school and has found ways to compensate for his handicap by using his sense of humor as well as the tools provided to him such as a talking computer. Tanner has a milder form of CP; he is determined to play football and even act in a school play. Leslie has had operations for her physical disabilities but now loves to spend time riding horses. These stories are told with multiple full-color photographs showing the children at work and at play. Ages 5 and up.

© 2000 Alden Carter
Audience: Children
Contributors: Carol S. Carter (Photographer)
ISBN: 0807576379
Language: Eng