Simon and the Bully

Simon has a big problem and he doesn’t know what to do! The new backyard bully is mean to the other birds and tells Simon he has a funny face. Simon’s family calls the scar on his beak his, “badge of courage,” but now he’s not so sure. What if being different is bad? What should Simon believe, and more importantly, how should he respond to his bully?

In this third installment in the Simon Series, author Patricia Simon teaches children how to respond to bullying. A wonderfully illustrated picture book, demonstrating how kindness can lead to acceptance, and the beauty found in our differences. “Unkind words hurt. To be left out hurts. After all, our differences make us who we are.”

This is an E-Book, download here – Simon and the Bully

© 2020 Patricia Ann Simon RN
Audience: Children