Shared Struggles: Stories from Parents and Pediatricians Caring for Children with Serious Illnesses

This book tells true and poignant stories from both sides of the physician-patient/parent relationship and provides a unique glimpse into how parents and physicians think, feel, and interact. The stories are grouped under four sections: Hope, Compassion, Communication, and Trust. Each section includes stories contributed by parents from all across the United States and by pediatricians practicing at many of the best children’s hospitals throughout the country. The parents tell of interactions with physicians that had a significant impact on them and their child and offer context and insight that promote empathy and reflection. The physicians tell of interactions with patients and families that served as learning moments in their career and promote the humanization of medicine and show there is more to a physician beyond their scientific knowledge and white coat.

The stories are edited by Barry P. Markovitz – a pediatrician specializing in critical care medicine who has been in practice for more than 20 years and by Ann F. Schrooten – the parent of a child born with a chronic complex condition who has more than 15 years of experience interacting with pediatric subspecialists and other healthcare professionals who cared for her son. The editors have written commentaries to the stories to provide an independent perspective on the events and messages conveyed and to encourage reflection, inquiry, and discussion.

© 2021 Ann F. Schrooten and Barry P. Markovitz
Audience: Parent, Professional