Our Cancer Boy

Our Cancer Boy reveals the conversations carried on by letters written by Michael Murdock and his second-grade classmates after Michael received a diagnosis identifying his cancer as a medulloblastoma. His classmates’ letters ask with candor the questions on any caring person’s mind and provide glimpses into the joys and worries of children’s lives. Michael’s responses assemble a portrait of a courageous and hopeful boy determined to live and to find joy. If you worry about someone you know who is living with cancer, if you are a parent or other adult who cares for a child in similar circumstances, or if you desire to meet a boy and his friends and discover the hardiness of their friendships and the durability of his hope, then Our Cancer Boy will share with you Michael Murdock’s inspiring and heartwarming story.

© 2014 The 2nd Grade Students in Mrs Starnes Class, Bennett Elementary Manassas VA
Audience: Children, Parent, Professional