My Mighty Mito Book: A Book for Children Who Have Mitochondrial Disease

This book is about Joshua who lives daily with the difficult symptoms and effects of mitochondrial disease. Joshua is a happy child with mitochondrial disease, autism, Ehlers-Danlos, Sensory Processing Disorder, speech and motor delays, and eosinophilic esophagitis. When he is unable to walk, Joshua uses his granny smith apple wheelchair. He is home schooled since mitochondrial disease severely limits his energy level. Joshua is fed via a GJ tube (gastrojejunostomy tube) since his stomach doesn’t function effectively. He is hyper-sensitive to heat and humidity, which is common in those with mitochondrial disease.

Cara Koscinski, MOT, OTR/L (known as The Pocket Occupational Therapist) is Joshua’s mother. She has authored four books and travels throughout the US to help educate therapists, parents, and teachers about working with children who have special needs.

© 2016 Cara Koscinski, MOT,OTR/L
Audience: Children