Koko Bears Big Earache – Preparing Your Child For Ear Tube Surgery

After KoKo wakes at night with another big earache, Dr. Polar recommends the insertion of tiny ear tubes to prevent any hearing loss. This means day surgery at the hospital and naturally KoKo is afraid. In this delightfully illustrated little story, children will share KoKo’s discovery that the hospital is a great place to feel well again. In addition to KoKo’s story, the book contains many useful tips for parents anxious to minimize their child’s fears, plus essential information for insuring a child’s speedy recovery. A section at the back of the book features easy-to-understand answers to parents’ most commonly asked questions. This is also helpful to healthcare professionals who address parental concerns. Ages 4 and up.

© 1990 Lansky, Vicki
Audience: Children