A Child’s Way to Yoga (DVD)

A “Child’s Way to Yoga” introduces yoga to children through music and movement. Learn yoga poses to eight original songs by yoga instructor Leanne Gotvald and songwriter Carl Tiegreen.  For ages 3-12 as well as their parents.  (28 Min.)

All About Scabs

Book Cover, All About Scabs

Describes how scabs form, how they protect against germs, and why it is important to leave them alone.

Arthur’s Chicken Pox

Just when Arthur is looking forward to going to the circus, he comes down with the chicken pox. D.W. teases him about his spots, but she is actually jealous of all the extra attention Arthur is getting. Finally, on the day of the circus, Arthur is well enough to go, but D.W. wakes up with… More Arthur’s Chicken Pox

Banish The Stinkies

Book Cover, Banish The Stinkies

Grub is filthy, and so is his room. In this book the kid detectives learn all about hygiene. This book is a humorous and informative way to teach children about the importance of being clean, and brushing their teeth.

Before You Were Born

Book Cover, Before You Were Born

It’s the mystery of mysteries… what’s going on inside a pregnant woman’s belly? That’s what Jennifer Davis’s older children wanted to know while she was expecting the younger. Each page shows what’s happening to the mother on the outside and then, under the flap, in the mother’s belly to the baby on the inside.  Preschool-2.

Body Parts And Grooming – Speech & Skill Development Video Modeling Program (DVD)

Teaches early academics, self-help, hygiene and socialization skills to help visually receptive learners acquire speech, reading, writing, fine motor, computer, play, human interaction and other important skills. This program teaches children all about their body, how to keep it clean, bathe, shower, wash hair, brush teeth and trim nails. This is available in DVD format.

Bounce Back: How to Be a Resilient Kid

Book Cover, Bounce Back: How to Be a Resilient Kid

Some people seem to just automatically bounce back from tough times. But the truth is that resilience is not something you are born with, it must be learned. Resilience isn’t just about being tough in the face of adversity, but rather learning to make connections with others, move toward goals, maintain a positive view, and… More Bounce Back: How to Be a Resilient Kid


Book Cover, Breasts

Provides a simple, yet complete, explanation of breast development, breastfeeding. Cartoon like pictures.

Bugs In My Hair?!

Book Cover, Bugs In My Hair?!

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE BUGS IN MY HAIR?!” blurts Ellie when her mother and the school nurse give her the bad news. Ellie has head lice. “These things happen,” says Ellie’s mother. At home, Ellie and her mother talk to the doctor and read the papers from the school nurse. Then they shampoo,… More Bugs In My Hair?!

Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, Birth to Age 5 (5th Edition)

From the most respected organization on child health comes this essential resource for all parents who want to provide the very best care for their children. Here is the one guide pediatricians routinely recommend and parents can safely trust, covering everything from preparing for childbirth to toilet training to nurturing your child’s self-esteem.

Chris Gets Ear Tubes

Book Cover, Chris Gets Ear Tubes

“Chris was having trouble with his ears. He just couldn’t hear right … every time anyone said anything, Chris would shout ‘WHAT?’” Chris Gets Ear Tubes explains what happens before, during, and after the surgery in language a child understands. It takes away the child’s natural fear of the unknown. The charming full-color illustrations familiarize… More Chris Gets Ear Tubes

Everyone Poops

Book Cover, Everyone Poops

A childs book that affirms the normal process of our bodies eliminating waste. Good for children who have fears or medical issues that would make this a concern.

First Aid and Safety for Babies and Children

From the American Red Cross, this book is intended for soon to be parents and parents who on a daily basis are responsible for the health and safety of their children. What you need to know day-to-day. DVD included.

Germs Are Not For Sharing

Book Cover, Germs Are Not For Sharing

A great story about germs and how to avoid sharing them. Designed to be read aloud in childcare, daycare, in preschool, at home. (ages 4-7)

Germs Make Me Sick!

Germs are all around us, but they’re too small to see. Many germs are harmless, but two kinds, viruses and bacteria, can make you sick. How? Read and find out! This clear and appealing picture book for early elementary age kids, both at home and in the classroom, is all about germs, how they can… More Germs Make Me Sick!

Going To The Doctor

Going to the doctor can be fun! Find out just what it’s like in this action packed pop-up book. Pull tabs, changing pictures, lift up flaps, and pop ups help explain what happens at the doctor’s office. Informative, reassuring, and positive.