Germs Make Me Sick!

Germs are all around us, but they’re too small to see. Many germs are harmless, but two kinds, viruses and bacteria, can make you sick. How? Read and find out! This clear and appealing picture book for early elementary age kids, both at home and in the classroom, is all about germs, how they can make you sick, and how your body works to fight them off. This book features simple diagrams to explain why you feel poorly when you’re sick and how your body keeps you healthy by producing antibodies. Ages 5-9

© 1995 Berger, Melvin
Audience: Children
Contributors: Jones, Berwyn Prys., Hafner, Marylin. ill., Hafner, Marylin., Hafner, Marylin, ill.
ISBN: 0713630922
Language: Spa