I Love You Now, I Loved You Then

Book Cover, I Love You Now, I Loved You Then

When looking at baby pictures, Jake asks his mother if she loved him before his cleft repair, or after. Her response will help all children who have had a cleft repair know that they have been loved, always.

© 2011 Isles, Kate
Audience: Children
ISBN: 978-1438926179

“Chapter 1 No one tree, animal, house, and human being, there is an empty area because the American dioxides has entirely been destroyed this village for twenty years when the American government progressed its unreasoning war, invaded to Vietnam from 1963 to 1975, and built many uncultivated land of environment in Vietnam. It has left a lot of holes of the American bombs. It currently looks like the Mars’s surface after the active volcanoes have done many millions of years ago. After a couple of weeks, the Vietnam War was stopped in April 30, 1975; John is eagerly, happily, and dreamily eagerly visiting his former village because there is to bury many memories of his younger life and his ancestry tombs. John is not fear if the Vietnamese communist government might be arresting him, even though he has become a Southern official yesterdays because he thinks that the wartime is done. If the Vietnamese communist government might arrest him because he believes that Vietnamese communist government has to obey the Paris Peace Accords, which were signed in January 21, 1973 by the governments of 8 Bright Quang the Northern Government, the Southern Government, the Provisional Revolutionary Government, and the United States of America. Behind John’s back has a lot of old men and women, young boys and girls, children, and with many popular levels. The crowd is close together to look like a group of ants that refuge of the water coming to them. The people are returning their homes in order to re-find their motherlands after twenty years have left motherland. When John is looking for his home, he finds his garden’s fence. John seems to be foolish to look like a homeless who is looking at few pedestrians, and begging a little penny, but he does not find any former mark of his garden in the past. Suddenly, John is arrested by Bob who is a Vietnamese communist guerilla. When Bob’s duty and responsibility escaping in the tunnel’s window, he always looks at around this crowd, but knows exactly John who is former rival in his love and just former Vietnamese official of South Vietnam. Next, Bob has given order to his partisans who have arrested John, and took a big bag’s covering from John’s head to legs. Finally, they wait for the night comes; sink John under the river in order to not let anyone know John’s body. When going on the way, the guerillas arrested John. John remembered Bob when they were children, living in this village, Animosity and Love 9 and to be close friends of each other, but they have been rivals in love because on the loved battlefield John has won Julie’s girlfriend and Bob was lost his Julie’s girlfriend. To talk about John, Bob, and Julie, many years ago, this former village was a beautiful landscape, its well-known village had a long green river, a big forest, which had many animals lived here, and the long range of green mountain, so its villagers had been hunting animals and picking firewood up for many years in the past. Her tall, attractive frail and long hair of a Vietnamese young girl, Julie is her first name and her last name is Pham. She was born in a family educator because her father was a Chinese- Vietnamese writer and teacher and her mother was a Chinese woman. Julie was under influence of Confucianism; therefore, her compassion was large more other boys. Next, John was belonged a landlord because his grandmother was a woman’s dancer of Nguyen dynasty. While, his grandfather has been worked for Nguyen dynasty, but knowing grovel for listening to the French colony policy, and had owned more lands in this village after he got married with his grandmother. Next, John, in 1954, his mother was lonely picking firewood up in the green forest, so his father was an official of the French colony Army. Before the French soldiers returning home in 1954, John’s father was transferred for Nguyen dynasty. John’s father had been 10 Bright Quang accepting this village. When John’s father operated this area, he saw John’s mother because this village was belonged to Vietnamese communist government. Finally, Bob was belonged a low level of this village, since his grandfather’s life to his father’s life was proletarian. Bob was born in 1954; his mother got married with a Vietnamese Communist soldier in the shortest of dark night because that’s time Ho Chi Minh gave President has ordered to his soldiers who must get married with the Southern women within one night before cutting and running from South Vietnam. In the year of 1963, Vietnam War’s beginning destroyed all of Phuoc Loc Village. Mss. Julie followed her family, got refugee to Saigon D.C., and had been studying at the high school and after that transferring to the university in this capital. In the year of 1971, the university was collected Mss. Julie to be one of many outstanding students who should offer the honorable flowers to the many victories of Vietnamese soldiers when they had won their enemies of the Vietnamese Communist soldiers on the battlefields in some years ago. On June19, 1971, which was the memorial day of Armed Forces of Republic of Vietnam, John was to be a heroic soldier when he had been leading his soldiers won the Vietnamese Communist soldiers on the battlefield in Long Khanh province; Animosity and Love 11 therefore, he was collected by his unit, so there sent him to Saigon D.C., for getting the celebrated day. The celebration day performing in the Saigon D.C., Julie offered the victory’s wreath on the John’s neck. She suddenly realized John, who was her former friend when she lived in Phuoc Loc village. After the celebration day having done, Julie and John were going around the independent castle, taking part in the party, and remembering their memories in the past. For beginning John’s life, he retold his life from his mother gave his memorial badge of mandarin of his story. While the sun was releasing down on Saigon D.C., the wind was slightly fl owing from the East Sea, and the many yellow leaves were flying from many trees of this independent building, which were, little by little, falling down on the green grass yard and the grass looked like a larger salt pond. Mss. Julie and John were happily sitting next to a circle table, but they were oppositely to each other. Meantime, the foods were served by the servants of government. John and Julie ate them when John was retelling his story to Julie’s hearing, he said: To follow my mom’s story, she offered for me. When she was a beautiful girl country, her hair was the longest to her buttock. Her eyes were black and like a big circle. Her face was oval, her nose was tall, and her skin was white. Moreover, one day of the ended 12 Bright Quang fall, hanging about to the green forest, and picking up some forest fruits, my mother was abused by a Vietnamese French soldier of French expeditionary corps that had been invading in Vietnamese land. A tall and big man, wearing uniform clothing’s military, and leading a company, who was Sander Company commander because when the French colonic soldiers cut and ran out of Vietnam, the French colonization of government transferred its footmen of Vietnamese soldiers to the Nguyen dynasty. After that, the footmen soldiers were belonged to South Vietnam. One of the Vietnamese French leaders as be Mr. Sander company commander who had been operating in the Vietnamese Communist locals in order to rebuild new Vietnamese government in South Vietnam. Therefore, Mr. Sander made duty and responsibility of the new operation, just saw my mom, had for falling in love with my mother, and enforced to abuse her. Before abusing her, a Mr. Sander has attractively been conquering my mom, but she did not like him. She tried to resist in herself, but Sander was stronger man. He used his both hands took her cloths off. When her breast was opened, she used her both hands protected her breast in herself. Sander’s face looked like a stronger tiger, which was available to catch a younger deed, to drop his short gun down, and to take his cloths’ military and his underwear off. He slowly hugged my mother, but my mother’s right hand got a rock, put to his face, and her legs pushed his body Animosity and Love 13 out of my mother’s body. However, his both hands were strongly catching to my mother’s hands, so his head weighed heavily on my mother’s breast. My mom got tired and long laid as a younger deer died under the legs of cruel tiger. Next, his both legs were taking to my mother’s lingerie off, so he quickly turned around his body in himself as one-hundred-eighty degrees. His legs surely oppressed on my mother’s hands when his tongue was licking all over of my mother’s virgin for the long time and his hands opened my mother’s thighs out. At this time, my mother did not know anything around her because she was tired and just seeming to be happy, so her eyes were little by little closing when she was aphrodisiac by his man’s tongue. Finally, when he saw my mother’s lying down on the ground without a little offering resistance, he turned around again, kissed many times on my mother’s neck, cheek, and licked on my mother’s nurses. While, his penis was copulating up and in inside my mother’s virgin, sometimes his back was curved on my mother’s stomach, or was straight-backed, and he was good hugs my mother’s body. In the end, he was laying on the ground after destroying my mother’s honor, virtue, and virgin. After awful sights had gone, my mother tried to stand up, to see this hooligan, and to wish killing him. While, she picked her cloths up, wore them, and might stab him with his dagger, but 14 Bright Quang threw the knife down, held her face by her hands, and cried aloud to death with wet tears. At this time, Mr. Sander got calm, quickly knelt down next to my mother’s legs, and politely apologized to my mother. During he took his badge card out of his neck, “This is my memory I would like to dedicate it to you after my duty and responsibility will be done, so I will have to kneel next to your legs in order to get married with you.” Sander said. When my mother saw his cheeks were full his tears, which looked like a heavy rain, my mom was touched by him. So he handed his badge to my to mom’s neck, quickly went to forward area, and left my mom because he had been operating to come the new government locals when the Vietnamese Communist soldiers left them before leaving my mother and “What is your name please?” Sander said. My bashful mother replied, “My full name is Tran Thi Heart.” As the story saying, through my mom retelling about the Bob’s life, she said: The Bob’s life was as the same my life, but his situation was different with me. While, 1954 the Vietnamese Communist soldiers might leave from South Vietnam, hurry get married with many Southern women within the shortest of dark night before they cut and ran from South Vietnam to North Vietnam. Th e Animosity and Love 15 Vietnamese Communist Commander in chief played a joke game. In fact, before playing game of marry, Commander in chief of Vietnamese Communist leader gave an order to all of its soldiers that’s at any time, the communist soldiers should be sexed with the south women within a short night, promised many things with them, and be back with them within two years later. Therefore, the commander in chief of Vietnamese Communist leader organized to get collective wedding of a night with the southern women. Bob’s mother was one of all southern women when they have been listened to Ho Chi Minh leader for third years ago. In condition, Bob’s mother was poor, living in the small straw hut, and using with a simple bed’s bamboo. When commander in chief sexing with his mother, he was together sexing on the bed’s bamboo with her, so the small bed’s bamboo was broken when he made love with her because he strongly copulated with up and down. While, John and Julie drinking the freshwater, John talking their former story in the past, Julie was bashful in herself. Moreover, the sun highly hanging in the blue firmament, a couple of birds flied in the air. Sometimes they changed left side and right side when they were humorous in the hugest of blue sky and seeming to be happy to each other. At this time, Julie’s sight was looking at them, just thirsting for their love of a couple birds, beginning to think to her love, and feeling to John. 16 Bright Quang After celebrating day’s going done, John saw Julie off from the independent building gate when Julie’s address’s card off ered to John. John was waiting for Julie leaving this building, returning home, and beginning to rethink his first days lived in Saigon D.C. When the wartime’s coming, destroying the entire village, and leaving villagers, John, Bob, and Julie together left their former village. John, step by step, remembered to Bob’s life, Julie’s life, and his life in the past. First of all, Bob’s mother was poor and unlearned woman without job when she was carrying her Bob’s son, getting refuge from the battlefield, and settling in Da Nang City. She was to be a servant in the rich businessman, yet Bob did not enroll any high school after his study had been done at the elementary school in his former village school. However, her owner did monthly not pay any salary because her owner freely gave her Bob’s son living in his home without payment. Even though, Bob’s mother worked hard and took the entire owner’s children care. For example, from the early morning Bob’s mother was cooking the boiled water, servicing flat for this family, and bringing the owner’s children to the school, she did not have any free time to take her Bob’s son. She did look like a humming-top for whole day. In condition, the early morning just welcomed the sun and the sky was throwing the dew down. Bob’s age was eleven, to be a shoeblack, and earning a Animosity and Love 17 little penny when the passengers were walking on the footpaths. One day Bob saw one American soldier who was wandering on the sidewalk, Bob invited him in order to clean the shoes. Bob followed his partners when saw a foreigner. Bob quickly said hello and asked the name of passenger. For example, Bob welcomed this American soldier and said, “Hi, American soldier, I clean your shoes with cheaper price.” American soldier smelled natural when he returned his face looking at Bob. Bob unfolded a small chair, invited this American sat down, and took his shoe polish and brush. Before cleaning shoes, getting a duster with water, and washing the dirty shoes of this man, Bob was cleaning the dirty mud, which stuck on the shoes of American soldier, Bob asked, “Did you operate to fight with the Vietnamese communist soldiers?” Yes, I did. An American replied. Bob asked again,” What is your name?” the American soldier might not answer, but his finger pointed his name on his pocket, so Bob read by Pell. The American soldier introduced in himself that this is my name and I am military journalist. After Bob made done his duty, he invited the American journalist buying opium’s cigar. Pell paid five dollars including money of Bob’s cleaning shoe. After fifteen years have gone by the clean shoe of experiences on the footpath, Bob has been learned so many wisdoms and cheats of the life and his homeless life. Bob remembered to his Julie’s friend because he seemed to be falling in love with her. Bob will not forget many memories in the past when Julie, John, and 18 Bright Quang Bob were living in the former village. For example, one beautiful and bright day, the evening twilight was spreading on the green Sand Forest, John, Julie, Bob, and a bucolic group was playing a game of two Trung ladies in the Vietnamese history. In fact, the former era was the year of 34th; the Chinese emperor had been invading Vietnamese country for the long time. The Quang Vu king of the China gave his order a Chinese governor who was General To Dinh coming to Vietnam. To Dinh was a cruel and barbarous politician; therefore, he did not win any Vietnamese heart of people when he had been killed many Vietnamese revolutionaries. To Dinh governor killed Thi Sach who was one of Vietnamese revolutionaries, so the wife of Thi Sach, Trung Vuong, upraised in rebellion against the Chinese governor of To Dinh in the year of 40th of the former era. Mrs. Trung Vuong Hero was leading the Vietnamese rebellions, fighting with the Chinese invaders, and emancipating for the Vietnamese people. As a result, To Dinh governor cut and ran from Vietnam, returned to South Sea Island of China. In the year of 41st of the former era, the Chinese empire gave an order to invade Vietnam again, to tell his good governor’s Ma Vien, and to fight with two Trung Ladies. When General Ma Vien had been invading Vietnam for second times, he was leading his soldiers and fighting with two Trung ladies, but his soldiers were lost by the stronger of two Trung ladies. Therefore, the next day General Ma Vien and his soldiers were fighting with two Trung ladies, Animosity and Love 19 but his soldiers and he did not win on the battlefield. General Ma Vien gave quickly an order his soldiers who must take their cloths off, so the womanish soldiers of the two Trung ladies were womanized because they were ashamed by the Chinese soldiers without cloths and lost this battlefield. Now Bob remembered this game when Bob and John were disguised in themselves by Chinese invasions, yet Julie was disguised by Trung lady. Including Julie, John, and Bob might never forget this game when they were young. Each time remembering this game, Bob was fallen in love with Julie, and then he should be finding to meet Julie in the Saigon City. In the dark night when the moon was rising on the eat sea, beautiful shining down, and windy flowing, so Bob knelt next to his mother’s legs, begged his mother, and went to Saigon D.C., in order to build his new life. His mother thought that her son grew up and needed to build a wonderful future, and therefore she did not irresolute anything in her brain. Before deciding her goal, she took one bronze’s penny of Ho Chi Minh picture and said, “This your memory of your father who would like to offer it for me when he fell in love with me, so today I hands it for my good son if one day in the future you will meet him when he should be seen this and realized about you are to be his son.” Bob knelt to beg his mother in the moonlight night and to hold in this coin— to wear this coin on his neck. Getting some days on the way, Bob went to Saigon D.C., worked with his 20 Bright Quang clean-shoe job, and slept on the sidewalk next to the eclectic wire pole when the night coming in order to avoid the rob and the mosquito. Gradual to meet few homeless guys, Bob made close friends with them because on the sidewalks of Saigon D.C., were divided the area by a homeless leader if the homeless partners seemed to see a homeless strange who operated on the sidewalk, she or he should be fighting by the homeless group. Therefore, Bob saw some big homeless partners, invited them to drink coffee or breakfast in order to make close friends, and to do the clean shoe job. After one month went by, Bob gradually won all of the hearts of homeless partners, so they gave Bob bring to divide opium from many streetwalkers to hotel by hotel in the Saigon D.C. After a long time training job, a big homeless leader introduced Bob was divided the opium in the Saigon D.C., when the hotels and brothels should be needing opium. After five years, he has been earning a big salary and protecting for the police officer because the police corrupted that needed the gangers, which were so-called black socials who guarded the police. Unfortunately, one day his police boss got conference to the foreign, Bob was dividing opium to some home of prostitutions, so the police spy arrested him without any help. Meantime, the court judged him get five years in jail because Bob was violated the law of Republic of Vietnam and to be a criminal prisoner. In jail, Bob stayed together with many levels of prisoners. One day all of criminal prisoners were working out in the front yard Animosity and Love 21 when Bob wore only underwear without shirt and jeans, so one communist political prisoner who saw Bob’s penny when Bob was wearing it in his neck. Shortly, a thin man, small face, and dark skin, who was a Vietnamese Communist political prisoner because he was a province president and was arrested by the south soldier’s operating for eight years ago, but now he was a leader, secret operating to control a Vietnamese Communist prisoner organization in the jail of Republic of Vietnam, and always getting the outside news when Communist Central Committee party had an order to him. In fact, the Vietnamese Communist of Central Committee Party in Hanoi had ordered this leader and it said, “You, our comrade, have to kill all of prisoners in this jail because we would like to show up to the worldwide knowing that the Republic of Vietnam is cruel policy.” After that, this leader received the poisoned chemical from a strange man who visited him in jail through the Vietnamese rice cake because every Happy new year, the administer of jail department allowed the criminal prisoners who got gifts of non- organization in the world as like the international Red Cross organization. When receiving a gift of Vietnamese rice cake, a communist leader knew inside the cake, which seemed to able to containing the poisoned chemical, he carefully opened the cake, took it out, and mixed it in the biggest soup of prisoners’ food, but nobody saw him doing this. 22 Bright Quang When the biggest soup was boiling for some minutes, it mixed the poison in the food. The soup divided to one by one for prisoner. When the night came, the jails’ doors were closed by the manager of jail department. The most prisoners were poisoned by the Vietnamese Communist leader. The totals of dead prisoners grew up five hundred men. The Vietnamese Communist government in Hanoi communicated this case to the entire world and gave the sentence that the Republic of Vietnam was violated by the bill of human-rights of the International law. A tall body, slim face, little speak, who was a secretary of province party and his last name was Dao and first name was Rock. When meeting a new prisoner who was Bob, leader Rock investigated about Bob because leader Rock was to be the biggest of political prisoner in this jail because Rock was found favor with the South Vietnamese manager of this jail, but the South Vietnamese officer did not find out his secret operation in this jail; however, the South Vietnamese manager should be able to believing him more than other prisoners in this jail. When investigating Bob, Rock saw Bob protected his Ho Chi Minh’s coin in his pocket, and Rock asked, “Where did you have this coin?” Bob was retelling his mother story, so Rock remembered his situation in the past when he got marry with his wife in the only one dark night in 1954, because Rock followed his leader Ho Chi Minh. However, Rock did not yet to believe Animosity and Love 23 Bob’s story, found out again, and saw his penny seeing his name was Rock because when leaving Bob’s mother, Rock offered this penny had sculpted his name’s Rock. Rock received Bob was to be his son, but with conditional test blooded each other in order to avoid mistaking. Rock told Bob taking his blood from his finger and Rock was too. Before testing bloods, Rock told Bob taking a big bowl with the full water. Bob and Rock went to his room office, Bob’s blood and Rock’s blood fell down this water’s bowl, while Rock and Bob were seeing their bloods going equally a circle, the bloods did not mix to each other, but following with a circle built a way, and they were gradually together in themselves, and then Rock said, “ Bob! You are my son because our bloods are correct to be one kind. Bob was happy, glad, and lucky hugged by his Rock’s father. Bob was beside himself with joy and Rock was too. After few minutes of gladness had gone by, Rock said, “Blood feuds of us must find American soldier and puppet government of South Vietnam out off Vietnam because they are enemies of us.” Bob said, “I am your good son and I am not only listening to you but also doing and following your ideas.” Rock hugged Bob again and said, “My son is pious, so I should be able to release my son out off this jail within two weeks later. 24 Bright Quang The next day Rock went to supper marketing in the central city when his manager gave his an order. The truck got him and his manager there, so Rock was following him picking products up. Rock realized his boss did not find out him and sent his letter to his spy’s network in the marketing. After that, a secret spy transferred this letter to other person in a restaurant of this city. The secret spy took a big beef, which was covered by the old newspapers, but the secret letter put inside of beef. The spy brought this to a chief of restaurant because this person always transferred consignment to this restaurant and just made relationship with a secret network of Vietnamese Communist spies. The chief of restaurant read this letter and understood its meanings. He quickly meet the police chief, who was the best of Bob’s benefactor, he requested this police leader helping Bob. When dark night’s coming, a restaurant chief wore a complete suite, drove his mini van Honda, and brought a special gift of swallow’s nest. In the condition of a police chief living in the central Saigon D.C., he was luxurious man because his big villa, which had a tennis court and a pool and a cruel dog group that they were servicing and protecting his family and house. A restaurant chief’s car stopped at the front’s gate, touched the bell door, and waited for responding servant, so the guarder of police chief got out opening the gate doors, welcomed the guest, and after said hello him. Animosity and Love 25 While leaving the restaurant’s chief to meet his boss, the guarder talking about his police chief, and introducing in himself, he opened the main door, invited the restaurant chief sat at the living room, and poured the tea and invited the guest. Meanwhile, the police chief wore his bathrobe and said, “Hi my friend.” The guarder of police chief knew his boss was secretly talking and he left in himself. The restaurant chief took his heavy envelope off his pocket by his both hands, so the police chief handed about and gave a glance a restaurant chief’s envelope. The envelope was overdone by police’s hand, so he asked, “How may money inside it?” The restaurant chief replied, “Dear Sir, one million and this diamond again.” The police chief asked, “What is going on?” The restaurant chief said,” We do need you release Bob off the jail because Bob is requited by his gang group, and then he lives in there.” The police chief replied, “This is a little matter, so it will be released within one week later.” Releasing from jail, Bob was promoted a secret spy by his Vietnamese Communist network. He worked at the petrol station, got the secret news, and transferred them for his network. For example, one easily morning a catholic father drove his motor Honda, got gas at the petrol station of Bob and this parish priest threw his letter into the garbage before he left this petrol station. 26 Bright Quang After working day was done, Bob cleaned this working area, remembered a parish priest’s letter, and Bob picked it up. Quick to reading the letter and understanding about the letter’s inner, Bob quickly sent this letter to the restaurant chief. With condition, when the all guests leaving this restaurant, one guest went to the bathroom, secretly met the Restaurant chief, and got this secret letter. To talk about this Vietnamese communist spy was very special network. Before leaving from South Vietnam and returning back to North Vietnam, the Vietnamese Communist government kidnapped so many South children. Their ages were from six to eight years. The Vietnamese communist had been training them learn about the foreign Communism and hating the South Vietnam because it had been following the foreign Americanism. In fact, a child was named Dung, kidnapped by the Vietnamese communist spy, and went to North Vietnam. In 1961, Dung was come back to Hue city in South Vietnam by the North government. Dung disguised to study Catholicism when Dung was sponsored by a parish priest. The congregational Catholics in Hue city had been realizing for Dung who was a talent guy, investing him to be famous priest, and sending to the Hue University in order to study. But Dung was a talent student, understanding about the political and social, and becoming a patriotic student, Dung was introduced Animosity and Love 27 to President Nguyen Van Thieu by the congregational Catholics in Hue city. Dung was to be the best assistant for President’s Nguyen Van Thieu in 1971. When Nguyen Van Thieu was accepted an offer by the American counselor, the Thieu president must give an order to his soldiers that they might operate to the mountainous highland, which was secretly called “719 Operation” by the American advisor. Therefore, Dung Assistance of President’s Nguyen Van Thieu received this secret news, transferred to a catholic priest, who sent this news to Bob, so Bob resent it for a restaurant owner. The restaurant was a special station of the Vietnamese Communist spy. However, in 1972 when the South government gave the general mobilization to the entire Southern people, it did need the more soldiers who could fight with the Vietnamese communist soldiers on the battlefields. As a result, Bob could not live in Saigon D.C., and he returned back his old village. Bob was prompted a provincial committee by the central Communist party. However, the central committee party might be unable to believe Bob; it gave an order a Vietnamese womanish communist’s party nucleus who must get married with Bob by Ho Chi Minh President’s giving an order to this member of the party. A slim body, her longer hair, and her long face, was a Vietnamese communist woman. She was born in Hanoi D.C., named Mrs. Three, and come from a Vietnamese Communist Party school 28 Bright Quang before Mrs. Three went to study at the Chinese Communist Party school in China. The following Ho Chi Minh President giving an order, she came to South Vietnam, got married with Bob, and had to advise her Bob’s husband who must be correctly following the communist party. Before getting married with Bob, Mrs. Three ought to sex with her Vietnamese Communist leader, who was a big member of central party in Hanoi D.C., before got married with Bob. Bob was happy to get married with Mrs. Three because he thought that he was awarded by his Communist Party. Mrs. Three was happy because Bob was a real playboy in Saigon City. A short time had gone by Bob and Mrs. Three had a first boy and they named their son was Glue. Unfortunately, Mrs. Three was dead when the American bombs were throwing down in the local operation of Bob and Mrs. Three, but Bob and his Glue’s son avoided the bombs because they were living under tunnel network. After the bombed accidence had gone, Bob lived lonely, nourished his child, and strongly acted for his communist party. However, Bob could always forget with Julie because Julie was a first lover of his life. Bob had always been remembering the war game in the past for a long time when he took his cloths off , so Julie was blushed while she took one’s own life commit suicide under the big river because the Chinese soldiers invaded her country. Bob and John were seemed to the Chinese invasion, taking their Animosity and Love 29 clothes off in themselves, and fighting with a Vietnamese woman leader. In the meantime, Bob and John were worrying for Julie to be true death and they jumped down under the river and rescued their Julie’s friend off the river when the sheep group was enthusiastically cheering to welcome Julie, John, and Bob. However, when Julie saw their penises of John and Bob again, she was running and cutting them, leaving her sheep group for the two months, and did not dare see them again because she was shy in herself. In 1975, Glue grew up and just circled three years old, so Bob was prompted to be district president and receiving the south district government when the Republic of Vietnam quickly ran and cut out off Middle Vietnam, but Bob still and secretly led his Vietnamese Communist soldiers in blackness because Bob was worrying about the American soldiers and South Vietnam that they might be back this local. When the celebrating landscape’s bustling, John and Julie were falling in love to each other. So John continuously retold his story in order to conquer the heart of Julie, his mouth opened a little smile, his eyes secretly cast loving glance with Julie, and sometimes poured freshwater into the Julie’s cup. Retelling John 30 Bright Quang story looked like a small stream, which was rippling to run from the ups to downs while the having birdcalls’ singing, the cloud’s playing, and the yellow leaves’ falling cripplingly down. John’s hands were stroking his hair from his front to back of his head, so his memorial story was running on from his mouth: When leaving our village by the unreason war, my mother and I got a refuge to Qui Nhon City. My mother had been buying wholesale in rice and reselling it in the central market of Qui Nhon province for ten years when I graduated from high school. Every once in a while, I had been felling to remember you so much, I decided to seek you. When begging my mother, I might go to Saigon D.C., find you, and build my new life here. My mother said,” My child is wisdom and growing up already. I might not hold you again if you must go to Saigon City, so I better give you one memorial thing when your father dedicated it for me.” Her right hand gradually took a badge of mandarin by the silver, which sculpted a name was “lieutenant Sander Lee- Born June 24, 1937- Blood: B” and said, “Here is your father name and his profile, so my child ought to keep it.” When the moon was indistinctively shining down on the Qui Nhon City, the sky slept in the mist, the vague time, and the thin Animosity and Love 31 passengers. My mother saw me off at the bus stop center when the bus departed at the central Qui Nhon. My mother returned to her rice shop and I left there. It got me for days when I had been going to Saigon D.C. A first day I lived in the city, I was surprised at the change one’s lifestyle of people’s livelihood within the city, which seemed to be a civilization and I thought I looked like the smallest ant, who was walking on the biggest tree and seeking some food for living. After one day I was walking around Saigon D.C., I looked for jobs, but no one hired me work because there might think that I was a strange and I had not have any experience. As a result, I picked up the older newspapers, which threw on the sidewalk; I saw it advertised a tutor job’s mathematics. However, I did not know its address where. I bought a map city, found the address of advertiser, and sought to the house owner. It got me two hours when I was quickly walking on the busy streets. While, I found out this address, stood before the front gate, and saw this bigger building, the mini-van stopped in the front yard when the gate closed, the cruel dog who glanced to see me. I did not see any gate’s bell and progressed to the near gate, so the dog barked loudly when the owner heard to the violent crying of the dog that I saw a woman going out and I asked for her, “Please help me! Please help!” 32 Bright Quang What do you need? The woman re-asked me. I replied, “I find to teach mathematics for someone needing helps.” She said, “It is right. My owner is looking for the best of mathematic tutor if you do it, you have to follow me.” She introduces her owner to me, and said, “This is my owner, Lady will interview you.” I stood up, welcomed her and said, “Dear Lady, my names is John and understanding mathematics if your children do learn it. I ought to have to teach your sons and guarantee with you that I teach them within three months later, so your children will be outstanding students in their schools.” After discussing approximately three hours, the owner accepted me to be tutor of her children, but she did not allow me stay again her house. With condition, each day I might teach her children within three houses, so she might pay nine hundreds per month. When our agreement had been done, she gave an order to her assistance who wrote a contract worker. She and I together signed names. When leaving her house, I thought I was lucky; and then, I went to a restaurant and got for lunch. After that, I looked for a house and shared a room. It monthly got me two hundreds. Animosity and Love 33 Besides that, I might go to the university in order to study because the education was the most importance for my life and I did need to invest for my longer goal. After three months had gone by, I had been tutoring for three students. Suddenly, one day the sky was heavily raining when I went to teach for my students, but did not have any raincoat and got sick; however, I tried to get there when I was teaching mathematics for them, so my eyes were dazzled by the first summer rain. However, I just came to my boss’s house, fell down at the front door, and got fever. My student named Jane, who was a beautiful girl, so she just saw me fall, called for some servants, and gave an order them bring me inside a bedroom. Meanwhile, they took my shirt off, used tiger balm, and massaged it on my body, but I seemed to be unknowing everything. After that, I got feeling well and continued to teach mathematics for my students, but suddenly I saw few police handed me up, so they did not give me explain any word and sent me in jail. In the interview center of camp put to torture me because they did follow my own lady who requested the police arrested me. The following submitter of my owner requested them because they predicted me to be Vietnamese Communist spy. When getting sick, I lay in the bed, so they took my shirt off , saw my badge of mandarin by the silver and named Dao- Born June 24, 1937- Blood: B, and thought me thief it because her 34 Bright Quang husband’s named Sander Le- Born June 24, 1937- Blood: B, who was a Colonel Sander of the Republic of Vietnam, but he did not stay home. So the battlefield got him for three months ago while he was fighting with the Vietnamese Communist soldiers on the distant battlefield. After the six-month living in jail, I was judged by the Republic of Vietnam Court. The court judged me without criminal spy because I submitted my badge of mandarin by the silver to judge and I had been wearing it on my neck for the long time ago and this was my father’s memory, who offered for my mother. I was released out off the jail by the court, so the general mobilizations of the Republic of Vietnam asked for me join in the military of South Vietnam. In the same time, I showed my Diploma degree up, so the military academy of Republic of Vietnam where accepted me. After nine-month for quick training in the military academy, I graduated from the higher education of South Military Vietnam, became a lieutenant headquarter, and led an infantrymen company. However, on the battlefields of my leading operations, I might not be able to decide and control my soldiers when we were fighting with our enemy because we were controlled by the American leaders. In the past to up-to-day, my mind, soul, heart, and brain have been falling in love with your beautiful picture and your Animosity and Love 35 body because I have to believe our fates must be seen again. For example, I have been drawing your portraits in myself, which looked like a cartoon movie. While, the sun quickly went down behind the city, the moon gradually grew up, which shone the beautiful city, and the wind softly flew, which were rustling many colorful lanterns and yellow flags were drifting in the middle space. Otherwise, Julie and John, hand in hand, were closely walking around the independent building, just enjoying the honorable views, and giving many best words to each other when Julie retold her story in order to conquer John. Significantly, Julie and John were proud to look like a couple of birds that they were humorously plying in the blue sky, so Julie, retelling her special story, said: Sad for life, when we began enjoying in peace of our village, we were suddenly separate for breaking up each other, and everywhere living endless see again. My family met bad life, so my father worked hard for full week without rest. Yet, my mother worked in the company and earned a little salary. Therefore, I might not have any free time, lived lonely without close friends, and had been studying for full- time. In the night I had to help my mother, taught my sisters, and looked after the house. I did wish to have a boyfriend, but I had never seen any guys. 36 Bright Quang On the dead way, Bob guided John going to the deadly ground, so before separation of death John remembered his family, which included his darling wife and his three children. After getting married day in 1972, Julie and John had their first son is Tony, second son is Rover, and third daughter is Wolf. When Bob guiding John to the deep river bank, tying down John with the biggest rock, and covering John up by the biggest bag out of materials. Outside of John’s bag was covered by the steels’ network of strategic hamlet, which was come from the United States of America. Today the Vietnamese communist government was used them and killed the Republic of Vietnamese soldier, who was Heroic Lieutenant John.”