Fighting Back With Fat – A Parent’s Guide to Battling Epilepsy through the Ketogenic Diet and Modified Atkins Diet

Written by two mothers who have children on the Ketogenic diet, Fighting Back with Fat provides essential information to educate parents on every aspect of diet therapy, as well as giving counsel for parents navigating the emotional minefields that often come with attempting Ketogenic diets. Common stress factors such as fear of failure, hyper – responsibility, dealing effectively with a child’s non – compliance, and educating non – supportive relatives, friends and peers, are all addressed in heart – to – heart frankness from mothers who have covered the territory personally. Fighting Back with Fat guides the reader through the Ketogenic Diet, Modified Atkins Diet and The Low Glycemic Index Treatment intrepidly discussing the struggles and emotional bombshells that come with diet therapy. The authors include first – person accounts of the successes and trails of other families as well as a rare glimpse of what kids think of the diets, in their own words.

© 2013 Whitmer, Erin & Riether, Jeanne L.
Audience: Parent, Professional