Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings – When Someone You Love has Cancer… a Hopeful, Helpful Book for Kids

his award winning children’s book, illustrated by Nanci Hersh, award winning artist and cancer survivor, is a listen-to/read-aloud book for children. A beautifully illustrated resource that can be used to educate and support any child who is facing the cancer of a loved one. The story, as told through the eyes of a little boy as he explains his mom’s cancer to other children, lends itself to a simple and clear understanding of cancer. Although the characters are a mother and son, hundreds of children around the world have been able to transcend this book to their own personal situation. Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings teaches children to realize the power they have to be an active and integral part of a loved one’s cancer journey… or really, any journey for that matter.

© 2006 Ellen McVicker
Audience: Children