Both Sides Of The White Coat: An Insider’s Perspectives On The Critically Ill Child

“This book is the result of seven years of fear, uncertainty, and hardship as a family has attempted to cope with a child’s unexpected life-threatening illness. This story differs from that of many other families coping with childhood illness in that we as parents already had intimate “insider” knowledge of serious illness. I was a specialist in critical care and pulmonary medicine when our son was born, while his mother Ruth was a practicing pediatrician. It was an ironic combination for two parents who were soon coping with their own newborn’s critical condition. The past seven years have seen our family sink from the depths of desperation then rise to cautious optimism as Andrew currently is physically disable with congenital muscular dystrophy but is as thriving and happy as any other seven-year-old boy. I have taken the insights gained through such an extraordinary combination of professional and personal experience and have created a guide for other parents overwhelmed by a child’s illness and intimidated by the medical establishment. Parents will relate to our personal story, and will hopefully benefit from and become empowered by my insights as both a physician and parent.” –Scott E. Eveloff, MD

© 2000 Eveloff, Scott E. , Md
Audience: Parent, Professional