A Blessing From Above

A kangaroo longs to be a mother. Her dream comes true when a baby bluebird unexpectedly falls into her pouch. The mother bluebird is happy to see her baby in such a warm and loving place. A wonderful story about adoption

A Forever Family

Eight-year-old Jennifer Jordan-Wong describes her adoption by a family after four years of living as a foster child with many different families, her relationship with social workers, and her new life with her adoptive parents. (Grades 1-3)


An exuberant African-American child and her family share a very special relationship in an effective story about adoption.  The text is simple, amusing, and disarmingly sweet and natural. Ages 2-8


Book Cover, Allison

When Allison tries on the red kimono her grandmother has sent her, she is suddenly aware that she resembles her favorite doll more than she does her mother and father. When her parents try to explain that she is adopted, her world becomes an uncomfortable place. She becomes angry and withdrawn. She wonders why she… More Allison

Attachment, Trauma, And Healing

Book Cover, Attachment, Trauma, And Healing

Attachment is the deep and enduring connection established between a child and caregiver in the first few years of life. It profoundly influences every component of the mind, body, emotions, relationships, and values. Disrupted attachment not only leads to emotional and social problems, but also results in biochemical consequences in the developing brain. Attachment, Trauma,… More Attachment, Trauma, And Healing

Beginnings: How Families Come To Be

A book for children where parents & children discuss how their families came to be, covering birth families and various kinds of adoptive families.

Being Adopted

Adopted at six weeks old, Stephanie uses her own words and pictures to describe the love she has for her family.  Ages 4 and up.

Building the Bonds of Attachment

Parents and professionals now have the opportunity to join Dr. Hughes, a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of trauma, attachment, foster care and adoption, as he teaches a workshop on the method of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. learn how to understand these children who have lived in traumatic situations. Learn how to parent these… More Building the Bonds of Attachment

Can I Go Home with You? Chloe’s Story of Trauma, Disrupted Attachment, and Psychotropic Medication

When four-year-old Chloe Ramsey loses her mother to a drug overdose, her aunt and uncle immediately step in to adopt her. Tamara and Darryl have been fighting for custody of Chloe for years, and while they’re devastated by her mother’s death, they are thrilled to finally give Chloe the love and security she deserves. But… More Can I Go Home with You? Chloe’s Story of Trauma, Disrupted Attachment, and Psychotropic Medication

Chinese Eyes

An adopted Korean girl gets a lesson in how unimportant it is that some people think she is different. (Ages 4-8)

Danielle, Where Are You?

Book Cover, Danielle, Where Are You?

This book is an adoption story written for young children ages three to eight years old. It is a true story told in fairy tale form, with colorful, imaginative illustrations and lively text.  Enjoy visiting many foreign lands while searching for Danielle. It was written to help explain adoption to young children.

Did My First Mother Love Me? A Story For An Adopted Child

Book Cover, Did My First Mother Love Me? A Story For An Adopted Child

Morgan’s adoptive mother reassures her that she is loved by reading a letter written by her birthmother. A wonderful story for every adopted child who wonders about his/her birthparents. Includes a section: “talking with your child about adoption”.


Book Cover, Dounia,

A gentle and powerful story follows the experiences of Dounia, a young girl who is adopted by a family from another country, this book gives an exploration of how it feels to be part of the interracial adoption process. Ages 2 and up.

El Lamento Del Pato Enzo

Acompana al pato Enzo mientras descubre que esta bien sentirse en conflicto al amar multiples parejas de padres y madres. En el camino, este pequeno pato aprende que no hay limite para el amor que puedes dar y recibir. Teddie Drake is a young swan being raised by a family of ducks. Through communication with… More El Lamento Del Pato Enzo

Families Are Different

Book Cover, Families Are Different

Told in the voice of the younger daughter Nico, the familiar concerns of adopted children and their parents are expressed. Nico’s mother reassures her by reminding her that no family is exactly alike. Nico then observes a diverse mix of families including single parent, mixed race, etc.  Ages 4-8

Families are Forever

Book Cover, Families are Forever

A family’s particular origin is only the start of what being “a family” means. In this heartwarming tale of family love and beginnings, Rain meets Bo and her new “forever” Mom and they become a brand new family. There are many kinds of families, but all families are forever.  Ages 4-8.

God Found Us You

Book Cover, God Found Us You

When a little fox cub climbs into bed, he asks his mom about how he came to live with her. As she tucks him in, she tells the miraculous story of his arrival—and assures him that he made her “the happiest mama in the world.” A tenderly told tale that captures the blessings of adoption. … More God Found Us You