NH Chapter of Hands and Voices

NH parents organizing to support families of children with hearing loss and assist parents in exploring the available options for communication without feeling judged or pressured.

Contact number: ( 617) 744-9338   This is their Facebook page.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Support – Dreams Heard Foundation

The Dreams Heard Foundation is an emerging non-profit established in 2011 to help families with deaf/hard of hearing children. With complex communication concerns, a burden for hearing services, and the overwhelming need to understand and embrace deaf culture, The Dreams Heard Foundation strives to become an all-encompassing resource for parents and other family members to help enrich the lives of children that are deaf/hard of hearing.

Monthly Parent’s Support Group are held on Wednesdays at the Nashua Public Library from 6:30pm-8:00pm.  See below for dates.  *Dates may change, any changes will be updated on their website. For questions contact: Phone: (603) 943-5171 or Email: dreamsheard@hotmail.com