The Rhythm Tree

Music therapist, Ryan Judd, works with children, adolescents and adults with special needs, address developmental goals in the following areas:

* Speech and communication – Singing custom written songs, i.e. Big Bear Takes a Bubble Bath, to isolate speech sounds and get lots of repetition without monotony.

* Fine and gross motor – Using traditional and adaptive percussive instruments, like maracas, to address specific fine and gross motor skills.

* Academic – Putting academic information into a song format so that recall is improved.

* Social skill development—Music Therapy groups where clients practice greetings, turn taking, eye contact, requesting, self-expression, collaboration, etc., through musical activities.

* Behavioral – Creating songs and musical stories about appropriate behavior.

* Social-Emotional – Using songs to teach a client how to identify feelings and use coping strategies when they are feeling over whelmed.

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