Positive Solutions For Families

This six-week series offers simple tools and clear solutions for parents of children ages 2-10. This program helps parents understand children’s challenging behaviors and promote their social and emotional skills. These “friendship skills” are important for happiness and success in school and in life. They will discuss a range of positive approaches that support children’s self-regulation, independence, cooperation and problem-solving.

Program will cover:

♦ Encouragement and Praise
♦ Play and Friendship Skills
♦ Rules, Expectations and Misbehaviors
♦ Controlling Anger and Handling Disappointment
♦ Logical Consequences
♦ Problem Behaviors and Everyday routines

Offered through:

Goodwin Community Health – Somersworth, NH – (603) 749-2346

The Upper Room – Derry, NH – (603) 437-8477  x22

The Family Resource Center – Gorham, NH – (603) 466-5190 ext 317

Families First – Portsmouth, NH – (603) 422-8209

Lakes Regional Community Services – Laconia, NH – (800) 649-8817