Kozie Clothes

Kozie Clothes is committed to serving the unique need for stylish, fun,and therapeutic clothing and products for the Pediatric Special Needs community. Kozie Clothes is well known for their wide range of sensory engineered clothing and solutions for kids of all ages. We provide Fun and uniquely designed garments to provide deep calming pressure to assist in regulating the sensory system to calm and organize. Perfect for kids with neurological challenges including Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorders. The technology and therapeutic principles incorporated into each design, provides proprioceptive and tactile sensory input, comforting children with highly sensitive nervous systems

In addition, Kozie Clothes has developed product solutions designed for newborns and children undergoing serious medical attention, providing easier ways for guardians and medical staff to care for them. Kozie Designs Adorable baby and childrens clothing adapted for pediatric medical treatments like G-Tube feeding, monitors, leads, I-V’s as well as products designed for children who require ongoing medical care.


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