Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation

Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation provides supplemental financial assistance and other resources to cancer patients and their families in the Mount Washington Valley who are uninsured, underinsured, or financially challenged, allowing them to focus on battling cancer without worrying about the indirect financial burdens that often arise

All candidates must meet the following criteria:

1. Residency: an applicant must be a resident of the Mount Washington Valley region. Specifically, the individual must live in one of the following towns, which are grouped according to school districts:

  • NH School Administrative Unit 9: Albany, Bartlett, Chatham, Conway (Center Conway and North Conway), Eaton, Hart’s Location, and Jackson.
  • NH School Administrative Unit 13: Freedom, Madison, and Tamworth.
  • ME School Administrative District 72: Brownfield, Denmark, Fryeburg, Lovell, Stow, and Sweden.

2. Limited Healthcare Coverage: an applicant must have limited or no health care coverage, and/or have financial difficulty due to cancer.

The types of support given to a client are customized to that client’s situation and financial needs. Listed below are some of the expenses Jen’s Friends would support:

♦ Rent, mortgage, taxes

♦ Utilities

♦ Groceries

♦ Travel expenses to and from chemotherapy and radiation treatments

♦ Child care during times of treatment

♦ Prescriptions not covered by other sources

♦ Prescription and insurance co-payments

♦ Other special expenses to support quality of life

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Phone: (603) 356-5083