Granite State Music Therapy

In 2010 Elizabeth Ferguson began her private practice in music therapy, in addition to continuing to teach private music lessons. Currently she is working with children, adolescents, and adults, with and without special needs, helping them to meet their potential and enrich their lives through music. Services include:

  • In-home music therapy services
  • In-school music therapy services
  • Community based music therapy services
  • Individual sessions are offered to clients privately as well as in schools, agencies and facilities.
  • Groups sessions are offered at facilities, schools and agencies when the group members have similar needs and goals.
  • Assessments are a necessary part of the therapeutic process.  This is where clients strengths and needs are assessed globally and to see if music is a motivating tool for the client.
  • In-service training and presentations are provided to facilities, schools and agencies to teach about the services provided through music therapy as well as teach how to use music in the work that you may do.

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