First Hand Foundation

First Hand Foundation provides funding for individual children with health-related needs when insurance and other financial resources have been exhausted.More information and applications can be found on their website.

Funding criteria: The child must be 18 years of age or younger (a person 19–21 may be considered if they are in a child-like mental state); the child must be under the care of a pediatrician; the case must involve a child with a specific health care need; the request must be clinically relevant to the health of the child; and there must be no existing insurance coverage for the requested expenses. One request per year, per child for a maximum of three times in a child’s lifetime

Expenses covered include Equipment: Wheelchairs, assistive technology equipment, care devices, hearing aids, etc.; Treatment: Clinical procedures, medicine, therapy, prosthesis, etc.; Displacement: Lodging (only if charitable housing (only if charitable housing is unavailable), gas ($0.33 per mile), parking and transportation related to a child’s care and Vehicle modifications i.e., lifts, ramps and transfer boards

Expenses not covered include home modification projects, alternative or experimental drugs, treatment or therapy where there is controversy in the medical community, wheelchair-accessible van purchases, requests for research funding, mass population grants or other not-for-profit organizational grants, requests for debt reduction/past medical bills, copays or deductibles or therapy dogs.

Web: Web site
Phone: (816) 201-1569