Child Impact Program

A program established in 1993 by the NH Legislature with the goal of helping parents reduce the impact of divorce and separation on their children.

The Child Impact Program is a 4-hour, court-ordered seminar designed to help parents understand the impact that divorce, separation and custody issues have on children. CIP classes provide parents with strategies, suggestions and tools they can use to help their children cope with the stress and confusion they experience when families are dealing with divorce, separation, and parental rights and responsibilities issues.

Parents attending the Child Impact Program will meet with experienced, professional counselors to learn how separation or divorce may affect their children. By the end of the program, you will have a basic understanding of the following issues:

♦ Ways to promote self-esteem in your child during this difficult time;  ♦ What you can do to help your children adjust;  ♦ The impact of violence or chronic conflict upon children;  ♦ Behaviors to avoid;  ♦ Helpful communication styles;  ♦ Effective co-parenting skills;  ♦ How to be a role model;  ♦ Alternative dispute resolution

Parents will also learn:

♦ The Stages of Grief and Loss that children may experience;  ♦ Behaviors which can indicate children are having emotional problems as the result of custody or household situations;  ♦ Which behaviors should be monitored by parents during each stage of childhood development (Infancy; Toddler; Early Childhood; Middle Childhood; Adolescence);  ♦ Events which affect children regardless of their age;  ♦ How parents can respond to troubling behaviors and events in ways that are helpful

Child Impact Program Schedules : Click here for the current schedules for Child Impact Programs in New Hampshire. Links are available too register for a particular program.


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